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The clock represents the mind – and not just literally, not just as a metaphor; mind is time, states Osho.

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Time consists of two tenses, not three. The present is not part of time; the past is time, the future is time. The present is the penetration of the beyond into the world of time.

You can think of time as a horizontal line. A is followed by B, B is followed by C, C is followed by D, and so on and so forth: it is a linear progression. Existence is not horizontal, existence is vertical. Existence does not move in a line – from A to B, from B to C – existence moves in intensity: from A to a deeper A, from the deeper A to an even deeper A. It is diving into the moment.

Time conceived of as past and future is the language of the mind – and the mind can only create problems, it knows no solutions. All the problems that humanity is burdened with are the mind’s inventions. Existence is a mystery, not a problem. It has not to be solved, it has to be lived.

I am living my moment. I don’t care a bit about what happens later on. It may look very irresponsible to you because my criterion of responsibility is diametrically opposite to people’s idea of so-called responsibility. I am responsible to the moment, to existence – and responsible not in the sense of being dutiful to it, responsible in the sense that I respond totally, spontaneously. Whatsoever the situation is, I am utterly in tune with it. While I am alive I am alive, when I am dead I will be dead. I don’t see any question at all.

Osho, The Goose is Out, Ch 10, Q 1 (excerpt)

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