Zooming Grace – with Gyankirti

'Zooming Grace' by Deva Dosa Healing & Meditation

In this article, Deva Dosa interviews Master Healer Gyankirti after enjoying three of his recent zoom offerings. (Part 3)


Thanks to the Osho Atlanta Meetup, led by Anuradha and Paritosh, and Prem Vivek of Osho Amritam Meditation Center, Edison, New Jersey, meditators and seekers can turn a pandemic into a paradise, at least for an hour or two. Osho Atlanta has maximized virtual possibilities and pushed the envelope to organize, coordinate, promote, and perfect the delivery of daily meditations to a worldwide sangha. They’ve magically created a real sense of community and made a powerful healing contribution in these stressed out times.

Making ample good use of Zoom to join a global buddhafield with world-renowned healers and facilitators, Osho Atlanta recently featured the amazing healer and long-time Osho disciple Gyankirti, founder of the Medissage Centers for Health Growth and Transformation.

What deeply moved me in Gyankirti’s meditation sessions was the immediate spirit travel into spacious “colorfield” dimensions I had never seen before. His musical choices seemed super-imbued with spirit medicine delivered right on time. In let go, I was overjoyed to unburden a hiding judgment on my life. I discovered that yes, my life had changed, but my life had not been broken, that I really was fine, and my life was okay even though my dreams have been dashed. I felt deep renewal and refreshment when Gyankirti said, as if conjuring a new kind of weather system, “Open to the love that is always coming your way.”

It was a real pleasure to interview him:

In two of your Zoom sessions, I felt 30 years younger for days. How can this be? What is happening? It was really wonderful.

Universal energy is timeless and you as spirit are also timeless. During our sessions you were able to consciously establish your connectedness with the whole, and maintain awareness of the oneness you have with all that exists. This awareness naturally gives you a feeling of lightness, of buoyancy, and this will of course make you feel younger. During the sessions you were able to go beyond the density of the physical body and step outside the pull of gravity.

Your musical selections are profoundly healing and bring about colorful dimensions and ‘musicscapes’ in the inner realm, unlike any other healer I have known. Can you please comment?

Music is my sanctuary. Even as a very young boy, music transported me to beautiful and profound spaces within myself. When as a child I experienced emotional pain, I could always find the music to ease the pressure and heal the heart. As a young adult I took a certification course called Music as Therapy, which helped me develop the art of using music as a healing force. My forty-two or so years with Osho helped me to refine the methodology and fine-tune the art. So music has become a staple in my work. I use music of all kinds, of every genre, from all over the world. I guess you could say I have developed a mystical intuitive feel for what type of music to play, and when.

Can you please say more about surrendering to Grace and what that means?

Surrendering to Grace is an attitude, based upon a very simple and rudimentary understanding. The attitude is contingent upon the understanding that whether we are aware of it or not we are always in Grace, because the way I see it, Grace is just another word for Love. We live, we move, and we have our existence in the stuff we call Grace. A Course in Miracles states it perfectly: “Spirit is in a state of grace forever. Your reality is only spirit. Therefore you are in a state of grace, forever.”

True empowerment and joyous living comes through an increased ability to live a reality that is compatible with your true nature. Living such a life means being able to dream. It means being able to visualize. And it means being able to create a reality for oneself that is consistent with these dreams and the mental and emotional input that one programs into the bio-spiritual unit. We alone are the creators of our reality. We alone can get in the way, block and interfere with the creation of that reality. Surrendering to Grace means being able to drop the anxiety and trust that the Universe that has given rise to our very existence will always take care.

What do you want everyone to know? 

That meditation is the greatest medicine. That meditation is the most direct method of access to your own interior and the vastness of your being. That meditation opens a connection between yourself and the Whole. That meditation allows you to expand into the potency of your own Divine Nature; that it is through meditation that you grow to know yourself.


What is your perspective on the global pandemic and how it impacts people? How can people be loving when we are so afraid?

There is no need to be afraid; we only need to be more loving. Love is the answer to fear, love is always the answer. Love is the opposite of fear. What we cannot control we must bring awareness to. This pandemic gives us an opportunity to spend more time in meditation; the pandemic gives us the chance to be still and silent and watchful. It gives us an opportunity for greater insight into our own power and the light and grace that we are a part of; we choose what it will be, it can either be a curse or it can become a blessing; the choice is yours. And if we must be victims, then let us leave this planet dancing and singing, and peaceful, and relaxed.

Would you like to comment on the gifts and blessings of Osho and other spiritual masters in your life?

We stand on the shoulders of Osho and those others who now have joined the ranks of our ancestors. Without the guidance they have provided and the energy they have manifested for our growth and healing, I would not be where I am today. I can say emphatically, that if it were not for Osho’s guidance, blessing, love, and direction, I would not be who I am today. For the last 45 years He has been constant in my life and an indelible source of inspiration.

Anything else you would like to say?

“Be a light unto yourself.”

On the healing path for 45 years, Gyankirti has combined the heart of many ancient, traditional, non-traditional and modern religions and teachings to produce a unique universal blend of teachings. Under Gyankirti’s guidance, Healing, Empowering Energy Work, Meditation and Traditional African Spiritual Healing Methods, provide the essential foundation for Spiritual Empowerment and communion with the Divine.

In 1981, Gyankirti established the Medissage Centers for Health Growth and Transformation to serve and heal the lives of people from all races, religions, cultures and walks of life. At Medissage Centers, people come to rest, pray, heal, and learn the life enhancing skills of meditation and self-reflection that create a more fulfilled and peaceful life.

The World headquarters of Medissage Centers is in Mount Croghan, South Carolina, with satellite centers in Tonsberg, Norway and Nairobi, Kenya. 


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