Road Trip to Utah


Bhadra’s photos of a summer trip from Arizona to Utah, with his beloved Bhakta.

Lake in Utah

Bhakta and I discovered that one way to escape the intense heat of the Arizona summer is a road trip to Utah and the Mirror Lake Highway. It was the perfect getaway for us. We enjoyed being in lush forests and cool, glacially carved valleys, visiting several mountain lakes below towering alpine summits.

The mountain air is crisp and refreshing. The 42-mile stretch of State Route 150 begins in Kamas, Utah and then climbs into the Uinta Mountains before descending to Evanston at the Wyoming border.

We were driving up to Beaver Creek from Kamas and then camped next to an idyllic little creek, surrounded by colorful wildflowers. We enjoyed a quiet evening walk around Beaver Creek, and were pretty much all alone there, only deer came through the campsite in the morning.

Then we drove on and marveled at the numerous scenic overlooks, colorful wildflowers, waterfalls and the many beautiful lakes we found along the way. Much of the Byway parallels the Provo River, a wild rushing river with great waterfalls in a stunning canyon.

One night we camped at Washington Lake, and early next morning walk around the lake I’ve maybe never seen as many wildflowers as in those beautiful meadows! And again we were almost alone there. After a refreshing dip in the cool water we came back to our campsite to find a porcupine sleeping underneath our camping van! It seemed very cozy there and had no inclination to leave. Here is a link to the video of that particular adventure:

Washington Lake, Mirror Lake, Lost Lake, Butterfly Lake, Lilly Lake, Pass Lake are some of the lakes we visited. Seeing a moose with its baby grazing on the side of the road was another highlight on this stunning trip.


Prem Bhadra, Osho’s sanyasin since 1975, originally from Germany, lives in Sedona, Arizona with his beloved, Marga Bhakta.

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