Nirala / Klaus


(11 December 1945 – 28 October 2020)


Deva Satranga writes:

Sw Deva Nirala (Klaus Dietz) was a German lawyer, and later a crystal and stone merchant. He was quite an independent man and I was the only sannyasin friend he used to hang out with.

He is the author of the small guidebook: Eastern Gods for Western Minds.

And in a letter to Osho News, Satranga writes:

Many of Osho’s friends can be recognized from their eyes. (In 1986 wrote a song in Arambol, where I had the feeling of looking through Osho’s eyes. Later I found out that Veeresh had also mentioned this in one of his recordings.) In melting with the master (which is our universal heart where Osho resides) it often shows in the eyes. This is how we could recognize other sannyasins, even after the mala and the red clothes were dropped! To show you what I mean I have a picture of Klaus with those eyes:



Just came to know that you passed away my friend! Wish you a happy journey in the beyond. I will miss the daily tea-parties we had in Agonda Goa! Love you Deev,
Deva Satranga alias Dirk Plantinga

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