(18 December 1961 – 26 November 2020)


Ma Paritosh Sindhu writes:

Avigan (aka Avi) grew up in northern Germany near Hamburg and took sannyas in Glückstadt. After a while he moved to the Munich buddhafield where he was quite active; first he worked as a carpenter and many will know him from our friends’ construction sites. Later he worked as an audio technician.

In 2000 he moved back to Hamburg and our contact became more sporadic because of the distance. He was a great friend and had a wonderful dry sense of humor. Over the years, many issues from his childhood and youth took a toll on him and everyday life was no longer so easy to cope with.

We have enjoyed meeting every now and then over the years; even now during his illness – since 2018 – I was able to see him.

His last two years have been quite hard on him because of his larynx cancer. After two chemos he got worse and had to spend his last 3 weeks in a hospice. His mother looked after him until his last minutes.

Dear Avi, thank you for all the beautiful moments we could share with each other. Love.


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