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A new meditation album created by Radha and the Tantralife team.

created by Radha C. Luglio
meditation lasting one hour with 7 stages
music produced by Luyo
mp3 with complete instructions available by writing to: info@tantralife.com

Kendra in Sanskrit means center, the core. It can be understood as the center of our being or the heart center. In both cases, Kendra is an invitation to move from our personality to the center, to that place of emptiness and silence where we are in unison with existence. And ‘Kendra’ is the name Radha chose for the meditation album she has created.

Last summer, Radha gave 7 online masterclasses. In each class a certain theme was explored. At the start of the pandemic fear was for many the dominant emotion: fear of falling ill, fear of losing a loved one, of losing the job, of dying. Also anger and frustration: frustration of not being able to do what we want, anger of being stuck at home and not having anything under control. But other emotions were also explored, such as sensuousness, conflict, confusion, duality and more.

The entire course was structured in a way that would lead step by step to understand and experience every emotion in depth. Instead of moving superficially, it brought each one of the participants to their center: Kendra! It was as if a shortcut to that secret space of silence and emptiness – meditation – was discovered.

Radha says, “Some of the techniques come from the Book of Secrets (Vigyan Bhairav Tantra). During the course I used them individually, one at a time. For the last module of the masterclasses though, I had the idea – inspired by the chakra system – to have them all done one after the other. We experimented together in a one-hour session and everybody liked it. I first made some tests with music ‘on loan’. But when we saw that it worked, Tarisha and I decided to produce it with original music. The music is by Luyo, e very successful young music producer and famous DJ!

“We sannyasins, thanks to Osho’s meditations, are used to reach silence after intense activity, catharsis, breathing, dance, madness, etc… but the most surprising thing about this meditation is how the energy can move and be transformed even bypassing the cathartic stage.”

Short update: The Tantralife team gave the download file with the instructions as a gift to all the doctors and nurses who took courses with them over the years, as a token of appreciation for the enormous work they are doing at the moment. We know they are working in extraordinary conditions and are under a lot of stress. “We hope that this meditation will be of help.”


Radha is the founder of TantraLife and teaches Tantra worldwide. tantralife.com

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