Millions of ways – millions of forms – millions of names

Excerpts Osho on Death

“You have been eternally here, and you will be eternally here,” states Osho.

Osho and Vivek Pune 1

You may be here seriously,
but by and by I will persuade you not to be serious,
because seriousness is the shadow of the ego.
Without the ego you can’t be serious.
Simply without the ego, seriousness disappears,
because without the ego, death disappears.
Only the ego has died – not you.
You have never died; you have never been born.
You have been eternally here,
and you will be eternally here.
You are part of this whole existence.
You cannot be separated from it.

Sometimes you may have been in the trees,
you may have been a tree.
Sometimes in the birds,
and you may have been a bird.
And sometimes a rock,
and sometimes a stream falling from the Himalayas.
Millions of ways.
Millions of forms.
Millions of names.
Yes, you have existed in many many ways.
It was never that you were not;
it will be never that you will not be.
The form changes; the formless goes on and on and on.

There is nothing to be serious about.
But the ego is afraid, apprehensive. Death is coming.
The ego is a weight. The ego cannot laugh.

My whole effort
is to create such a deep laughter in you
that the laughter remains but you disappear.
The dance remains but the dancer disappears.
Then life is tremendously beautiful –
and only then life is beautiful.

Osho, The True Sage, Ch 2, Q 1 (excerpt)

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