Urgency of change and meditation

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Jiddu Krishnamurti in conversation with Oliver Hunkin from the BBC in 1970 (video).

Asking J. Krishnamurti to explain ‘meditation’ Hunkin adds, “The Oxford dictionary defines it as an indulgence in thought, but you don’t want us to do this.”

With a smile, Krishnamurti responds, “One has to go into this, sir. For me, meditation is one of the most important things. And one has to really know what it means.”

Listen to the entire interview ‘Urgency of Change: The Krishnamurti Podcast – Ep. 13 – Interview by Oliver Hunkin’ on YouTube

This interview with Krishnamurti was recorded at Brockwood Park in 1970. In the conversation, Krishnamurti states that authority has crippled the mind, religiously and inwardly. The authority of belief, imposed by religions, destroys the discovery of reality. One relies on authority because one is afraid to stand alone. To understand fear one must also understand pleasure, as they are two sides of the same coin. Are we seeing each other with an image? There is love only when I have understood myself and so in myself there is no fragmentation, anger, ambition or greed. Effort is a contradiction of energies. A meditative mind is a very silent mind.

Oliver Hunkin was head of religious programmes at the BBC, where he revolutionised the format. He was also an author and cartoonist. In his memoirs he wrote: ‘We have to admit there is an air of antique unreality about organised religion. The majority of people do not see the point of it. Have we lost track of the fact that religion is a specific experience rather than a system of dogma?’ Indeed, he had a revelatory spiritual experience one evening whilst driving, later saying: ‘I felt totally at one with the landscape, and with myself, and with all creation. The memory of it has affected my attitude to life ever since.’

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