Chit Yogo


(17 May 1946 – 31 March 2021)


Ma Chit Yogo (Linda Lea Roberts) was born in El Paso, Texas. She was an only child and her family moved to Denver, Colorado where she grew up. She became part of the early Osho center in Denver and took sannyas on 26 July 1979.  She was in Pune One and also on the Ranch where she worked in the Raidas cleaning department.

After the Ranch she lived in LA and Santa Fe, eventually getting a master’s degree. She then settled in Niwot, Colorado and lovingly looked after her mother for 15 years.

Yogo developed a love of nature and hiked a lot in the mountains. She also loved traveling and took trips all over the world exploring and experiencing life. She became a healer and massage therapist in the Boulder area. She was a regular meditator at the Osho Leela Meditation Center and a beloved member of the Boulder sannyas community who organized a sannyas-style singing celebration to send her off to the great adventure beyond!

Memories of Yogo from Sukama:

I first met Yogo at the Denver Osho center in Cherry Creek (Denver) in February, 1983. I had just moved to Boulder from NYC and had just started to meet the Osho community. Back then, it was a very small center of only five or six sannyasins.

Yogo was very kind and welcoming from the start and we became friends pretty quickly. We laughed and danced a lot together and eventually lived in the same communal home for a while. She was so helpful for my process of getting used to all the new sannyas ways: the 10 minute hugs, the strange names and the active meditations.

Eventually the Denver sannyas community grew to about four communal homes in the same neighborhood. So much FUN!

That year a bunch of us would fit six to a car to drive together to the Ranch for festivals. Yogo was the first friend I saw after I took sannyas in 1983 and she was so thrilled for me. She was the first friend to hear and say my new name: Ma Dhyan Sukhama… and she gave me one of those long hugs and said, ” Sukhama, I’m gonna call you Sukhi.” That beloved short version has stayed with me to this day.

With the many twists and turns over the years, I had lost touch with Yogo and it was such a wonderful sweet surprise to see her in 2013 at Osho Leela in Boulder at a meditation. WOW!

We didn’t see each other often after that but it was always touching to see her and share and laugh about our early days together.

She is a sweet soul and will be so missed.


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