In the middle of the night


Jeff is deep asleep when he suddenly hears the phone ring.

Man moving around

The clock on his nightstand shows 3:00 am and he gropes around for his mobile phone.

Jeff can’t find it but then hears that the ringing is coming from outside of his bedroom.

He jumps out of bed, rushes out and hears that the ringing is coming from the kitchen.  In another mad dash he gets into the kitchen and whirls around until he sees his mobile on the counter.

Out of breath he picks it up and hears a woman’s voice, “Is this 555-1111?”

“No, this is 555-1112, replies Jeff.

“Oh, I’m so sorry for disturbing you,” the woman says.

“That’s alright,” says Jeff. “I had to get up to answer the phone anyway.”


Image credit Christopher Johnson at Unsplash



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