Rama Meir Nadhamar on the Wild Wild Slide Lounge with Amano Manish

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A video of two musicians meeting on Instagram – released 7 April 2021 (Episode 6).

In this episode, musician and composer Amano Manish interviews Rama Meir Nadhamar – an online heart connection from India to Israel of two musician friends.

The talk is interspersed with musical pieces, some solo, some together; Sufi and Gypsy music, Manish on Indian slide guitar and Rama on the oud, then on Turkish and American santoor.

Rama shares anecdotes from his musical journey and his love for Sufi music, how he came to Osho and his time playing with other musicians during those very fertile years in the late ’90s in Pune.

For more talks with musicians, artists, healers, dancers, therapists and spiritual catalysts, check out Manish’s profile on Instagram: instagram.com/amanomanish

Ramadhan studied music in his native Morocco (guitar, oud, drums, flutes, percussion and singing) and was later inspired by the santoor when he visited India. He took sannyas in 1978 and was part of the musicians group in the communes for many years. He has released various CDs and presently lives in Israel. youtube.comfacebook.comreverbnation.com

Amano Manish learned to play slide guitar as a young child from his father. He later trained in the Senia Maihar Gharana tradition with maestros likes Basant Kabra and Brijbhushan Kabra. He took sannyas in 1994 and enthralled many of the visitors to the commune with his playing. In 1997 he permanently moved to Pune and studied under Shekhar Borkar. amanomanish.comyoutube.cominstagram.com/amanomanishspotify.comfacebook.com/amanomanish

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