Ma Krishna


(2 September 1951 – 22 April 2021)

Prem Krishna 5

Chaitanya Keerti writes:

It was midnight in India when the news came from Ma Anuradha (Bhavya) and Swami Dhyan Paritosh, who run an Osho Meditation Center in Atlanta: “Our most beloved Ma Krishna left her body due to Covid.”

She had regularly been participating from Bhopal in Zoom meditation events organized by the center in Atlanta. Until early morning on 22nd April she had joined a meditation online. Later in the day her oxygen level dropped very suddenly, she was taken to hospital and around midnight she left her body. Just two days ago I had called her to inquire how she was and about the meditation activities in Bhopal. She was always a very joyful person to talk to, very passionate about Osho’s work.

Ever since she took sannyas initiation from Osho, on 19 September 1979, she had been participating in meditation camps and coming to Pune whenever she could. At the same time she organized weekly or daily meditations at her home.

She gave a perfect example that one’s home is an ashram. Osho often said that the house of each of his sannyasins should become an ashram. She also organized several meditation camps in Bhopal and Pachmarhi hill station, and she always had a loving team to support her.

A couple of years after the beginning of the millennium, she opened a bookshop, Osho World,  in the market area of Bhopal to sell Osho’s books and an adjoining shop where meditation programs could be held. When sannyas film star Vinod Khanna visited her shop on Osho’s birthday one year, it became well-known to everybody in Bhopal.

Ma Prem Krishna was (I hate to write “was”) such an amazing and graceful person, very ordinary yet very special, being in the world yet not living in the world, being at ease with herself and everybody else who lived with her. Caring for everybody, yet remaining care-free!  Very energetic in her work, yet so centered as if there was no hurry – everything happening by itself.  Always propelled by Osho’s love, she was a mother to all – even to those who may have been older than she.

Her son Swami Ashish lives in Atlanta, USA, and she visited the States a few times. Some years ago, she and her husband came to Osho Sadhana Meditation in New York where I was facilitating a meditation retreat. Three years ago I met her in Atlanta, and a few months later she organized a meditation camp in Bhopal and invited me to facilitate it.

Her loving contribution to Osho’s work in Madhya Pradesh will be remembered for a long time and will keep inspiring younger sannyasins.

Ma Yoga Neelam pays tribute to her:

A thoroughly beautiful
Inside outside
Showering unconditional love
A mother, a Ma
Our beloved Ma Krishna…
You are in peace
All our life
Love n’ best wishes for your journey beyond
You lived in peace

Thanks for alert, photos, video and text to Sahaj and Keerti

More Tributes

You made us, the young generation, feel that your home is an Ashram.
She used to say “Beta iski hame jarurat thi.”
Swamiji (her husband) also did like this and now I’m realising kyuki hame zarurat thi.
I remember once just as I was leaving her home and discussing, she said, “Na jaane konsi gali ya mohole mein yeh shyam akhari hogi.”
Today all the adjectives are not enough for beloved ma in any language.
I miss you, dher sara. You taught me so much.

Om shanti shanti shantih
Love you, maa Krishna
Fly high
Jivan Sahaj

मा कृष्णा
आपकी देहावसान की खबर सुन मर्माहत हुवे.
ओशो कृपा हमेशा आप पर रही है.
आप जैसे दिव्या चेतना को कोटि कोटी नमन एवं हार्दिक श्रद्धांजली.
I am sorry to hear the news of your death.
Osho grace has always been on you.
Divine consciousness like you, a lot of respect and heartfelt tribute.
Prem Pathik

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