In a bar in Austin, Texas


Duante is sitting at a bar having a few drinks and feeling grand.

Man in bar

Suddenly he gets very motivated when he notices a very attractive lady sit down at the other end of the bar and order a drink.

Duante calls the bartender over and says, “Whatever she is is drinking give her another one and tell her it is on me.”

The bartender replies “I don’t think you want to do that.”

“What do you mean?” yells the guy, “Send her the drink!”

“O.K.” the bartender replies, “but I don’t think it is a good idea.”

“And why not?” asks Duante.

The bartender leans over the bar and very softly says, “Because she’s a lesbian.”

“I don’t care, send her the drink,” insists Duante.

So after the lady gets her drink the guy very casually strolls down to the other end of the bar and sits down next to her and asks, “So what part of Lesbia are you from?”

Photo credit Reneé Thompson at Unsplash

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