Meditation for couples

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“Just sit facing each other in the night, and hold each other’s hands crosswise…”

Crossed hands

[A couple ask Osho for a meditation they can do together.]

Start one meditation together. Just sit facing each other in the night, and hold each other’s hands crosswise. For ten minutes look into each other’s eyes, and if the body starts moving and swaying, allow it. You can blink the eyes, but go on looking into each other’s eyes. If the body starts swaying – it will sway – allow it. Don’t let go of each other’s hands, whatsoever happens. That should not be forgotten.

After ten minutes, both close the eyes and allow the swaying for ten more minutes. Then stand and sway together, holding hands for ten minutes. This will mix your energy deeply. That’s why you are feeling locked. A little more melting is needed… melting into each other.

So ten minutes sitting looking into each other’s eyes as deeply as possible and swaying; then ten minutes with eyes closed, still sitting, sway. Just feel that the energy is possessing you. Then stand and with open eyes, sway; it will almost become a dance – but go on holding the hands in the same way.

Do this for thirty minutes every night for ten days and then tell me how you are feeling. If you feel good, you can repeat it in the morning also. You can do it twice, but not more than twice, mm? Good.

Osho, A Rose is a Rose is a Rose, Ch 22

This meditation has been described very nicely by Astiko on her blog: – featured image is from her website

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