Nothing is new under the sun


Osho states, “And every age has always felt that it is passing through a very critical moment.”

Osho 1977

Q: The earth seems to be shaking beneath our feet and our faces reflect some imminent cataclysmic event. What is happening?

Don’t be worried. It has always been so. Every age and every generation has thought that something great is happening to them, because every generation has a great ego. How is it possible that something great is not happening while you are here? No, something cataclysmic, something great, something really final is going to happen.

This has been so from the very beginning.

I have heard that when Adam and Eve were thrown out, expelled out of the Garden of Eden, the first thing that Adam said to Eve was, ‘Darling, we are passing through a great revolution.’

Since then man has always felt the same – again and again and again down the ages. It is nothing new. A six-thousand-year-old stone has been found in Babylon with four or five sentences inscribed on it. When these sentences were deciphered people were puzzled. If you read those sentences you will not believe that they are six thousand years old, they look as if they are part of the editorial of today’s Poona Herald. The first thing that inscription says is: ‘Where are those old golden days? The new generation has become very corrupt. The children don’t respect their parents….’ Six thousand years old! It has not used the word ‘hippie’, right, but what is the difference? ‘Children don’t obey their parents. There is no respect left. Love has disappeared. Wives don’t love their husbands, husbands don’t love their wives. It is the most immoral age ever.’ These are the sentences. ‘The most immoral age….’

But the ego feels satisfied. Our age is the most immoral age. Nobody else can compete, nobody else can compare. And every age has always felt that it is passing through a very critical moment. Sir, it has been always so. Don’t be worried. Rest and go to sleep. Let the earth shake, it has always been shaking. It is nothing new.

On the earth almost everything is old and ancient. There is a saying in India that there is nothing new under the sun. And in a way it is very significant. Only forms differ, everything is the same – the same anger, the same hatred, the same war, the same violence, the same inhumanity, the same madness, the same neurosis. Nothing is new under the sun.

Don’t waste time about it. Just go within yourself and find out that which is eternal, find out that which is your reality. These outer things have remained the same, changing a little bit here and there but basically repeating the same gestalt: the politics, the politicians, the war amongst nations, the religions and the churches and their violent struggle to survive and crush each other, the greed of man and the aggressiveness of man, and the inhumanity of man towards other human beings.

Osho, Tao: The Pathless Path, Vol 2, Ch 14, Q 7

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