(23 December 1945 – 5 July 2021)

Tarika Sannyas Jan. 6, 1980
Tarika 2
Tarika's Mala passed to Ma Anand Suraj
The moment of Death, Tarika Lea with Ma Anand Suraj

Tarika’s Puna Hawaii Celebration of Life December 23, 2021

White Eagle will be bringing Tarika Lea’s ashes to Hawaii for Tarika’s Puna Hawaii Celebration of Life held on December 23, 2021 (Tarika’s birthday!) at 5:00pm at the Sanctuary of the Blue Dragonfly 12-294 E Pohakupele Loop, Pahoa Hawaii 96778. For info contact Simona at 541-631-8728.

Ma Anand Suraj writes,

Tarika (Tarika Kai Lea) – Flower Child, Touch Priestess, Activator, Freedom Star – passed on consciously and peacefully of kidney failure from bone marrow cancer in hospice, in the hands of Ma Anand Suraj and sister Carol Buswink Patten.

In 1976, Tarika’s first husband once printed her a copy of a chapter from an Osho book and these words changed her life forever. She traveled by RV to the Osho Center in San Diego and attended her first meditation. At the end of the meditation, staring softly at a poster of Osho, she heard a clear voice say to her: “I accept you as my student.” Tarika heard that call and in her travels found herself in Hawaii at another Ma’s house doing Kundalini. In 1980, Tarika flew to India and received sannyas directly from Osho on January 6th, followed by participating in many encounter groups. She was so intrigued, she trained with some of Osho’s best therapists to learn more ways to assist others in this great awakening. She later was invited to be a therapist at the Humaniversity in Amsterdam. She also became a Master NLP Practitioner.

Back in Hawaii, Tarika knew how important body-centered therapies were for transformation. She became the first apprentice of the renowned Hawaiian Kahuna Mornah Simeone, training in Lomi Lomi, Kata, & Hawaiian Mat Massage, & Ho’oponopono which, combined with her other extensive trainings, led her to develop her very own Lea Method.

In the 80’s Tarika made her way to Alaska and loved the uniqueness of living at the 65th parallel of the Far North. She was a consciousness pioneer, opening the first certified post-secondary massage school in Alaska, the School of Integrating Shiatsu, in the oil booming, conservative town of Fairbanks! Her home and Sammati Osho Meditation Center hosted countless workshops, meditations, ceremonies, as well as her certified massage trainings. Her hands could read and heal any body and she touched tens of thousands globally through the years. In the mid 90’s Tarika and I met through the VIHA Connection in a featured story on Alaskan sannyasins and we hit it off immediately. In 2003, she had the urge to travel again and joined me with the Grandmother Drum International Peace Project in Australia for its first of 20 years of World Peace Tours. Her passion for the drum as pure meditation and activation of consciousness led her to train with me in drum making and healing methods. She created her own business “Alaska Sweet Rhythms” to add to her endless offerings of spiritual tools and methods.

This Osho quote below and the booklet Death: the Greatest Fiction brought Tarika’s 40 years of meditation to a crescendo during her final days and hours, allowing her to leave the body in full consciousness and peace. Listening to Magnificence by Deva Premal and Mitten, it was so gracious, so absolutely exquisite and I was the lucky one to be holding her hands through that final breath. Sammasati…

“Meditation and death are very similar experiences. In death your ego disappears and only your pure being remains. The same happens in meditation too; the disappearance of the ego and the presence of pure is-ness of your being. The similarity is so deep that just as people are afraid of death, they are also afraid of meditation. 0n the other hand if you are not afraid of meditation, you will not be afraid of death either. Meditation prepares you for death.” Osho, The Hidden Splendour, Ch 22, Q 1

P S. On July 4th, just 24 hours before her passing, Tarika decided to hand her sannyas mala over to me. It was very significant and surely a magic of the Master, as I was sharing with my other sannyasin sister, Salila Andrea Kubitza in Alaska a few weeks back, that I had lost mine over the years (I took sannyas in 1995) and I really wanted to get another one. Without knowing, but knowing, Tarika passed hers on to me to carry the legacy forward. Another Divine Perfection!

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I wondered which was this Tarika whose name I saw and has just passed to spirit… and see it was you, beautiful Tarika Lea… who I shared so much fun with at Veeresh’s Humaniversity in Holland in 1981 – gosh 40 years ago!
You were such a delight in every way… so many sweet memories… your magic touch… your beauty… your trust in the unknown…then you were gone… and I often thought of you in far away Alaska where I have never been nor likely to go.

Thank you for your gifts to me of being you.
Ricky Fairs

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