Prem Hasib / Samarpan James


(9 May 1955 – 24 July 2021)

Prem Hasib
Hasib in Hawaii about 1989
Prem Hasib 2003
Prem Hasib

Jayapal writes:

A brilliant star flickered out on July 24 as Hasib (who some knew as Jim Carouba) succumbed to injuries from a fall he had taken in his adopted home of Costa Rica.

At age 66 and in excellent health from working on his farm one could say his death was premature, but in the bigger scheme of things premature is irrelevant. He was at the height of his consciousness – perhaps no better time to leave the body. Hasib was the sun around which his two brothers and two sisters orbited. Rarely have I seen such a loving family constellation.

He is survived by his long-term partner, Secret. Just two weeks before his death he shared with me: “I’ve been overcome by such moments of gratitude for Secret and her prickly ways. It is exactly what I need, and what I think I need is not actually what I need. No other woman in my life has challenged me. Secret has been my path to sainthood.”

I loved Hasib like no other man, and everyone who came into his orbit loved him as well.

He took sannyas in 1980 as Samarpan James and later changed his name to Prem Hasib.

Rasana writes:

His unique ways to enter people’s heart, his curiosity and wonder that took him to many adventures around the world.

Hasib, or Jimmy as he was called by his family, always brought us together. With his peaceful spirit, loving heart, incredible sense of humor and kindness. He would crack us open only by seeing tears rolling down his cheeks from joy or his amusement from life itself. Loved dearly by his family, he has always been very close to them. The Carouba family – what an amazing group of free-spirited and wise people.

Hasib’s concepts of right or wrong wouldn’t fit with any social contracts or established values, and he had always been fine with that. As his heart had always been his compass.

A mix of hermit and daring buddha in the marketplace, he was an inspiration to all that were gifted in sharing time by his side.

Hasib met Osho in 1979, shortly afterwards he took sannyas. His love for Osho opened a life of deep commitment to finding truth and living it.

When the Ranch started, he had already the fame of being a hard worker in one of the Osho Centers around the world, and he and his girlfriend at the time, Ratna, were called to join. He told me so many stories, that it was the best time of his life, even with the controversy around it. He was in love, living with his Master and with people in love with life and willing to give everything to brake the chains of old mindsets.

His purity of heart kept his soul untouched by conflicts. He navigated through life with so much humbleness, acceptance, playfulness and an inherited call for adventure.

We met in 1996, and together we shared a deep love, kept traveling and visiting Pune, until an unexpected call knocked at their door; to join a fresh group of new friends, united by Tyohar, to build a project in Costa Rica. called PachaMama.

Hasib gave his heart and soul to that place and continued his deep dive into his inner quest. After 8 years of togetherness, from lovers to friends, and being blessed by a taste of living in nature and a rich spiritual life, Hasib went back to San Francisco.

After two years Secret and Hasib found each other. He told me he would be with her forever as he believed she is the women for him to spend the rest of his life with. A love story that took both of them back to Costa Rica, where they built together a cacao farm, made delicious chocolate and harvested many lessons.

Hasib was loved by all of us, friends, family, partner for life, or for some time. He kept the flame towards truth burning, and it touched so many hearts on his way.

Beloved friend, I hear you facing this transition of life in body to life in soul with a huge sense of wonder, and I am sure that, with your incredible light, you are welcomed with joy at the garden of the divine.

Feel our love, gratitude for you being in our lives and for us to be touched by your presence. So much love on your way… always my brother in love.


Ritama writes:

Samarpan was the first great love of my life!

I met him when I was 20 and he was 24 at Paras Rajneesh Center in San Francisco. We traveled to Australia and lived at the commune in Fremantle for a year, then went to the ranch together in 1981.

He was a spectacular human and a damn fine dancer. Loves to his family and wife.

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