Gilgamesh / Sangitam


(11 June 1958 – 24 July 2021)

Prem Chiara writes:

Gilgamesh/ Sangitam left his body on July 24, 2021 in Costa Rica after a long battle with cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and doctors gave him three months to live. He started cures with cannabis oil and artemisia and the cancer went in remission for a number of years until it came back in March 2021.

He left his body peacefully with Kimberly, his wife, next to him.

Sangitam was born in Argentina as Jorge Gonzalez and took sannyas on March 3, 1978 in Poona. In 2016 he changed his name to Gilgamesh. After being part of Poona 1, the Osho Center in Cologne during the Ranch time, Poona 2, he eventually ended up in Costa Rica where, with other sannyasins, he created the Samasati Nature Retreat, a beautiful retreat center on the South Caribbean coast, nestled in 250 acres of rainforest. He was a visionary and the driving force behind the project.

Sangitam was a force to be reconned with. He was passionate, funny, uncompromising, daring and fiercely independent. He moved forward in life courageously, always following his heart, not interested at all in people’s expectations, judgments or opinions. His commitment to his spiritual freedom and his love for fellow travelers guided him to be involved in groups, seminars and meditation camps that sometimes he led, sometimes he staffed.

His awareness was sharp, he loved change, he did not fear challenges and confrontation, always wanting to unravel whatever was covering the love and the next steps towards the unknown. He was definitely and intense guy, always living life at the maximum.

I was lucky to be his girlfriend for many years and, after the intimate relationship was over, our friendship continued and deepened. The connection he developed with the people he loved was truly unconditional, beyond time, place, society rules and circumstance. We were close friends to the very end. I will miss his keen observations, his sense of humor and wild laughter a lot!

Beloved Gilgamesh, Godspeed now. You were a wildly unique human being and your life was… a riot! You will be dearly missed by many and celebrated by all who have met you.

With gratitude for having traveled this journey with you, you will be always in my heart.

Thanks for alert to Devakrishna, and Videhi for organizing


This news touches me deeply. Sangitam feels intimate, a close soul. His laughter and the way he would look into the eyes remains vivid.


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