Bardo Life​-​Death Continuum

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Jamie presents a new album he recorded together with Arpita.

Bardo by Jamie and ArpitaBardo Life​-​Death Continuum
by Arpita and Jamie
The album can be streamed or downloaded from:
Released July 27, 2021

Arpita and I have just finished a new album of the Bardo meditation. It was written down by the teacher Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s great grandfather, according to vision-teachings he directly received from the great Tibetan Buddhist master Padmasambhava.

Arpita plays tamboura and monochord, and I read the text which is meant to be shared with a friend or family that is going through the dying process. It is a beautiful meditation for anyone, as becoming familiar with the Tibetan understanding of what happens to the consciousness during and after leaving the body is tremendously valuable.

The main reason I was drawn to making this album is the presence of death in my life the last two years.

First Satyananda died, then two sannyasin therapists and personal friends in Tao Gezundheitszentrum died, then a close friend, Navanita, died. That really impacted me, and now Latifa (Gertrud Cordes) has left the body last month, and that marks an end to an era here.

I came across a buddhist nun, Samaneri Jayasāra, reading the Bardo text on YouTube about a month ago, and looked into it closely and felt really drawn to this version. It is very short, and succinct, I can relate to it, and will use it in my life again.

It is perfect to read in the moment of death.

Arpita & Jamie

Arpita and Jamie have been playing music together for Osho meditations in India, Germany, and the USA since 2008.

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