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An excerpt from Karima’s book, Becoming Whole: The Art of Inner Transformation.

Darkness and light

Positive and negative darkness

I am mentioning this now as it is one of the most common misunderstandings in relationship to true nature that I have ever come across in myself and my clients. Misunderstood, you can miss an incredible treasure.

I will never forget how excited I was when I discovered the difference between positive and negative darkness.

Until then, I believed darkness was bad. Growing up I feared the darkness of the night and projected negative things onto darkness. One of the projections came from the Catholic Church, the belief that ‘darkness is the devil’ and experiencing it makes you ‘evil’.

My first conscious explorations of darkness happened  in Pune. At some point, I participated in a ‘darkness meditation’ which took place in a completely dark room. We all looked into black space for one hour being sure to allow each and every projection till everything settled and deep peace descended.

I was also introduced to darkness as part of teachings in the Mystery School on the nature  of the heart. I learnt to experience positive darkness in the centre of my heart. It felt strange when – for the first time – I walked around on a sunny day in the ashram with an awareness of darkness as deep restfulness in my heart.

Positive darkness – also called black essence – is peaceful, free and empowering. It is a gem of true nature. It helps us to discriminate the false from the real. I like to call it the ‘truth essence’. It is also meant to balance the endocrine system, all the glands and hormonal system. And that makes sense to me. It is one of the best natural sleep remedies to visualise black.

When clients come across inner darkness, I always ask, ‘What is the feeling quality?’

Our feeling sense shows us the difference: positive black generally feels comfortable, friendly, smooth and silky, it doesn’t create fear. Negative darkness – often a symptom of a hole, inner deficiency or disconnection – can feel cold, scary, contracted and empty.

Golden Tool – meeting the black

When you come across black on the inner, don’t approach it with a judgmental mind. Be neutral, find out freshly. Ask, ‘How does it feel?’ When it feels positive or comfortable, it is worth exploring more. If it feels negative, only explore it if it doesn’t overwhelm you. If you need help, reach out to a trained therapist.

I am a fan of black essence. The following meditation has become one of my favourites.

Falling and dissolving into darkness

Lying down on your back, relax your body, mind and breath as much as possible.
Imagine falling and dissolving into an ocean of black energy below you.
Allow it to get vaster and vaster the longer you relax into it.
Stay in that experience till there is a calming or settling in your mind, body and/or emotions.

Pages 327-328

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