Creativity is the fragrance of the creator

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Osho on ‘ Creativity’; “Creativity is when you are not…”

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Creativity is when you are not, because creativity is the fragrance of the creator. It is the presence of God in you. Creativity belongs to the creator, not to you. No man can ever be creative. Yes, man can compose, construct, but can never be a creator.

When man disappears, when man becomes utterly absent, a new kind of presence enters his being — the presence of God. Then there is creativity. When God is inside you his light that starts falling around you is creativity. The climate that arises around you because of the presence of God within you is creativity.

It has nothing to do with awareness or love, although the creative person is both. The creative person is aware, the creative person is loving, but the creative person is neither a meditator nor a lover — loving yes, but there is no lover; meditativeness yes, but there is no meditator.

Osho, The Guest, Ch 11

A quote published in The Book: An Introduction to the Teachings of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
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