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(4 February 1956 – 6 August 2021)

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Warwick “Tosh” Jones was a loveable rascal, big-hearted, a passionate musician, fun-loving, and the life of the party. He is remembered widely for his kindness, straight talking honesty and deep love for his family, for his girlfriend Mahita and for his beloved dogs. Tosh was devoted to Osho and remained deeply connected to his sannyasin family in Fremantle, Perth (Western Australia) and beyond, for the larger portion of his life.

From his early years, Tosh was a “wild child”, never wearing a school uniform. His charismatic blue eyes and good looks helped him charm girls of all ages.

At 15 years old, Tosh ran away from home, travelling across the Nullabor with surfing friends who all thought he was similarly aged (17-18 years old), and for a few months lived rough and free before returning home. Tosh loved motorbikes, saucily getting his licence at 15 years old, after going to a different suburb where he was not known and passing the test with no questions asked.

Tosh’s enthusiasm for music was inherited from his grandmother who was a violinist and pianist, accompanying silent movies in the early 1900’s. Tosh played acoustic and bass guitar, violin, and drums, among many instruments, playing at various pubs, teaching music part time, and often enlivening parties when socialising with friends. Tosh particularly loved Irish fiddle songs, last playing on St. Patrick’s Day in 2021. In the mid to late 70’s, his playing took him to Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland.

Tosh also travelled to India four times, took sannyas at 24 years old, and played music on the ranch in Oregon, where he worked in the vegetable gardens.

Tosh was always a hard worker, loved being outdoors and, in the 80s to 90s, owned a wood-cutting business. Next, he ran his own gardening and lawn mowing business, combining two loves with “Rainbow Gardening and P.A. Hire”. In his later 25 years, he worked driving trucks, and loved being out on the road.

In the 1980s, Tosh spent many happy years with Ma Naveena and her three boys, AB, Chandra and Jared. Then in 1993-94, after the two youngest boys died in a tragic accident, eighteen months later Tosh lost Naveena to cancer. Tosh’s family helped his healing from these tragedies by taking him sailing to Rottnest and spending quality time together. He was devoted to his family and cared for his mother in her later years.

Swami Indradhanu was a close friend during his adult life. He reported how Tosh hated red cars intensely, berating Indi for his purchase of a bright red, converted sporty Celica. Tosh described it as “like Liberace” and warned how Indi would be twice as likely to have an accident. The next morning, Indi was woken by noises outside and went out to find Tosh giving the car two coats of white spray paint. Despite this, they remained firm friends throughout Tosh’s life.

An enthusiastic member of the Jeep and Patrol Club, Tosh travelled to the USA for a Jeep convention in the late 90’s and then travelled off-road through the Utah canyons and into Vegas. He also bought his own yacht in recent years, taking the family up to Shark Bay, and even as late as September 2020, up to Monkey Mia.

In the early 2000s, Tosh bought a house in the Perth hills, in Mundaring, where he could be surrounded by bush and there he started a 20-year love relationship with Mahita, which was strong and lasted till his death.

For his last 5 weeks of life, Tosh moved into a Nursing Home adjacent to Mahita’s so they could continue to see each other. Mahita had a brain tumour for at least 10 years near or on her pineal gland and had been admitted to a nursing home several years ago. Tosh described Mahita’s love for him as “unconditional” and helped care for her, visiting her regularly until these last months of his short illness with Motor Neurone Disease.

Mahita was shaken by Tosh’s death and soon followed him, dying on August 30, three days after Tosh’s Memorial Service. [An obit for Mahita will be published after her yet-to-be-held memorial service.]

Thanks for text to Bavali and for alert to Garimo

Livestream of memorial service was held on 27 August 2021

Sannyas Darshan

Anutosho sannyas darshan

This is your new name: Swami Anutosho. Anutosho means absolutely satisfied, utterly satisfied, no desire for anything else, a state of non-desire.

Desire means that you are not satisfied with the way things are. You would like things according to you…. Satisfaction means that you are surrendered to existence so whatsoever it gives, you are grateful. If it gives nothing you are grateful that it gives nothing.

A Sufi mystic used to thank god every day. After his prayers he would almost shout with joy ‘God, how much you give me, how much you take care of me, how much you love me! How can I ever repay?’ And he would cry tears of joy.

His disciples were a little worried because they could not see why he was thanking god so much. But they could not say anything, in the East the master has to be respected, obeyed. But deep down in their minds the question was always there, and a situation arose in which they felt that now it was absolutely right to ask. They were travelling, going to Kaaba for the holy pilgrimage, and for three days they could not get any food, and no village was ready to give them shelter because the master was a known revolutionary and the people ware very orthodox.

So for three nights they had to sleep in the desert, and the desert was very cold. Without food, without water, they were utterly tired. And the third day again, after his prayer the mystic started crying with joy and said ‘God, how much you do for me! How can I ever repay it? How much care you take? How can you remember me? You have to take care of such a vast universe – still you remember me.’

The disciples gathered together and they said, ‘Enough is enough. Now what are you thanking him for? For three days we have no food, no water, no shelter. We are dying from the cold nights… and you are thinking god and crying tears of joy. For what?’

The master said, ‘It is good that you have asked. I always know that you carried this question within you but you were not courageous enough to ask. Now I can answer it. I am thanking him for keeping me for three days without food, without water, without shelter, because this is what I needed. He always gives that which is needed. It is not a question of my expectations being fulfilled, it is his will that has to be fulfilled and whatsoever he wills is right. We may understand it, we may not. But this was my need and he has fulfilled it and I am grateful.’

This is what I mean by true contentment. And if one can be in such a space, nothing else is needed. Meditation arrives on its own, because mind dies. You need not do anything to destroy it, it disappears of its own accord.

Mind is like darkness and contentment is like light. Bring contentment in and the darkness disappears. And then you can see. For the first time you can see and for the first time you can hear and for the first time you can feel. Because mind is hindering everything, it does not allow you to see, it does not allow you to hear. It is standing between you and existence. Once it is not there you are available to god and god is available to you. That is liberation, nirvana, enlightenment.

Osho, Dance Til the Stars Come Down From the Rafters, Ch 24, January 24, 1980 (unpublished)


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