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An online exhibition of Rani B. Knobel’s latest pieces.

010 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B.-D
020 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-H
030 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-G
040 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-D
051 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-K
053 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-7jpg
090 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-B
090a Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-6
091 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-5
092 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-7
100 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-C
110 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-F
115a Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-4
116 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-2
117 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-3
118 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-9
200 Small-Size---Big-Beauty---Rani-B-E

Each year on an August weekend, artists in our neighbourhood open their studios and show their artwork. This year, in addition to some large paintings which I created in the last few months, I wanted to show a number of small formats.

These small paintings reflect the pure joy of painting, of flowing along in the creative process. I usually start by cutting a large sheet of handmade paper into small pieces, preferably a sheet on which I had already started to paint, but which had somehow never became a ‘real painting’.

Each of these small pictures is a work of art in itself. At the same time they form a whole series as they are often created in parallel. They lie next to each other on the work table; I look at them again and again, take them into my hands, several layers of acrylic and ink overlay other colours, a stream of creativity pours over and onto the paper. Brushes dance, colours sing… And again and again the question comes, “Is it finished? Is there a resonance in my heart when I look at this painting?” This is how these small formats grow; I trust in the inexhaustible power of creativity – the more you drink from this source, the stronger it bubbles!

‘Small Size – Big Beauty’ is the title of this online exhibition. They are small indeed: approx. 12cm x 7cm (less than 5” x 3”). They can be mounted with a passe-partout and framed like a ‘real work of art’ – ideal for those who have limited space on their walls. Of course they can also be hung as a series…

For me these small formats offer great lightness. You don’t have to worry about spoiling it; it’s so small that you don’t have to invest a lot of time, material, energy. It’s quick, easy and simply a pleasure. You can surprise yourself, always trying out something new, or you can even paint a small series of similar motifs.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been sharing one of these images every day on Facebook, and I’ve seen that they touch other people too. Sharing this beauty makes me happy!

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Rani B. Knobel studied Sculpture and Psychology in Germany. Since 2007 she has beem living and working as an artist near Berlin.

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