The Tarot of the Traveller: The 10 of Hearts


Veeno’s Tarot reading: Love develops into a state of being. Follow the voice of your heart; it knows what is right.

Otolia Kraszewska (1859-1945): Young couple at the card reader’s

The Tarot of the Traveller is a project by Veeno. She has deepened her understanding of reading Tarot cards through many years. Regularly, she shares her insights into one card of a deck with traditional playing cards, as it was allegedly used by the Romani. In this process, she lets her creativity fly, using contemporary Mandala creations and stories. Be part of this wonderful process!

Today, we look at:

The 10 of Hearts

The 10 of Hearts

Love develops into a state of being.

Contentment alone and with others.

Follow the voice of your heart, it knows what is right.

You no longer calculate give and take.

Emotional maturity.

In challenging moments ask yourself, “what would love do?”

The 10 of Hearts: Journey Beyond Time. Mandala by Veeno.
The 10 of Hearts: In Love. Mandala by Veeno.

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Veeno lives in Switzerland. She has been a sannyasin since 1984 and her inspiring creativity finds its way into many forms in her life.

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