East and West meeting in Osho’s temple


Keerti will be facilitating two free meditation events in England this summer.

Keerti and Amano Samarpan

After the years of covid-19 lockdown, this is my first and last trip this year to the Western world. The country is England, where my host is a dear friend, Amano Samarpan. I call him Daal Lama. He is very fond of Indian daal, so much so that I started calling him Daal Lama.

As I understand, my first event is scheduled for the beautiful town of Kidderminster on 1-3 July; I have never been here before. Utsav and Simran will be hosting this 3-day residential retreat at their home. There will be lots of Osho’s amazing meditations, delicious food prepared with lots of love, sharing, and laughter throughout the weekend. There is no fee for the meditation nor for food. Contact: Sarita (Ganga) 07886006768 or Divyam Jyoti 07894159237. Download leaflet.

The next meditation event will be at Osho Leela on 8-10 July, beginning with a concert on 8 July evening by our wonderful musician, Chinmaya Dunster. This will be the first meditation event that I have facilitated there. And guess what, there is no fee for the meditations, only a contribution for accommodation and food. Details are provided at this link: osholeela.uk

I am sure, we will have a very good time, East and West celebrating as one family.

We can create a world where each university can have two different areas. There is no need for any conflict; both areas can become complimentary. But something has to be done urgently to destroy this difference between the East and the West.

One of the great English poets was Rudyard Kipling, who was named by the British empire as the royal poet, the poet laureate. He lived mostly in India, and his experience of India and England is condensed in his two lines: “East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet.”

I can see that he had a certain insight, and what he was saying was factual. But if what he is saying becomes the prophecy of the future, if it is forever going to be a fact, then there is no hope for humanity to survive. Then humanity is going to remain schizophrenic.

I would like to say that at least in this temple West is not West, East is not East, and the twain are already meeting. I don’t see that there is any existential reason for their not meeting. We have lived wrongly in the whole past and this is the ultimate consequence of it. Our whole reasoning about man has to be completely transformed.

Osho, Om Mani Padme Hum, Ch 21, Q 1



Keerti facilitates Osho meditation retreats all over the world and is the author of various articles and spiritual books.

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