Osho Monsoon Festival of Meditation and Music

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…will be celebrated from 11 – 15 August 2022 at the Osho Meditation Resort, Pune.

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5 Magical Monsoon Nights

Osho Monsoon festival will be celebrated from 11th – 15th August 2022. Celebrity artists will perform a variety of arts throughout the festival. It is a unique combination of meditation and celebration. Participants practice various Osho meditations in the day and enjoy celebrity artists in the evening. A feat of music, dance, poetry and creativity

The magical monsoon in Pune, India, bathes the lush green surroundings of the OSHO International Meditation Resort with a new sparkle. During this period, meditation attains a unique depth and celebration, a new height. A monsoon festival is being organized on 11th-15th August 2022. This event is an excellent opportunity for visitors worldwide to participate in the intense energy field.

It incorporates Osho’s unique vision of blending meditation and celebration. As humanity has become less and less interested in the inner world, it has lost touch with authentic art. Osho envisages a circle of energy between the listeners and the players. The listeners give their love,and meditative energy to the artists, and the artists offer their creativity in turn, thus creating a circle of energy. As the artists come here to play out of their love and gratitude, they touch the deepest part of their creative source, which every creative person yearns for.

During the festival, no less than 71 programs will be offered on the sprawling premises of the meditation resort, such as various revolutionary OSHO meditations, morning classes of Tai Chi and Chi Gong, and Live music meditations by renowned musicians at the beautiful meditation place.

The evening meeting of the Osho white robe brotherhood is the highlight of the day, designed by Osho. Osho’s video talk follows dance celebration and silence.

The auditorium’s walls reverberate the sound of “Osho!” uttered with total energy.

11th August

The festival kicks off with Dance celebration. High energy celebrative dance.

A Lyrical Evening, 12th August

Celebrated Hindi poets, namely Surendra Sharma, Ambar Kharbanda, Varun Grover, and Ashkaran Atal, will be rendering their poetry to the audience who have meditated all day. Vishal Bharadwaj, Bollywood’s well-known director/composer, will be appearing as a poet and reciting his poetry.

Celebrating Sannyas, 13th August

Bikram Singh, the electrifying flautist from Manipur, will lead his band into meditative and celebrative music celebrating Neo-sannyas, which is Osho’s version of Sannyas. He says you don’t have to leave the world, stay where you are, and do everything with awareness and playfulness—like the lotus in the mud, not getting affected by the soil but blooming to the max.

Azizon ki Toli

In her mesmerizing voice, Rekha Bhardwaj will present her musicians, Azizon ki Toli: The group of the beloveds. She is an expert in the Sufi genre and other Bollywood songs.

* Some specially designed Multiversity courses and unique meditations for daily life will be an additional bounty. The OSHO Multiversity offers many techniques designed to provide a bridge to meditation and, ultimately, a bridge to oneself. The methods, lasting from one day to a few weeks, are based on many different approaches, from Western psychology to contemporary meditative therapies.

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