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(2 February 1962 – 16 February 2023)


Swami Satyakrishna Saraswati has always been very exuberant and excited when it came to hosting or attending Osho events. He always participated in the local events and also promoted and worked with other sannyasin friends. Initially, he lived in Santa Cruz, CA, later moved to Austin, TX and then to Memphis, Tennessee. Wherever he went he tried to mobilize local friends to share Osho with the world.

His family was brought in touch with Osho by Ma Yoga Meera, one of Osho’s early disciples in the 60’s. It was her vision that motivated Satyakrishna and his wife, Ma Antar Prasuna, to run the Meditation Center Osho Meera ( and share Osho’s meditation techniques.

Satyakrishna was recently hospitalized with double pneumonia and put on a ventilator for 3 days. When he left his body no one else was with him except a nurse. He was ready to go and went peacefully. He had survived a brain cancer a few years ago and went through some traumatic experiences. He was strong in spirit and overcame his illness with our Master’s grace.

A send-off celebration is scheduled for 25 February 2023 afternoon at their home in Memphis (PDF). It will also be streamed in zoom for friends to join remotely.

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