Osho Rajneesh biopic “Secrets of Love” directed by Ritesh S Kumar to release on MX Player on 6th March

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Published by Ahmedabad Mirror on 2 March 2023.

This badly-written article apparently reflects the movie – see Comments at end.

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Secrets of Love

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 2: Director Ritesh S Kumar’s Hindi film Secrets of Love is ready for release. Starring actors Ravi Kishan, Vivek Anand Mishra and Jayesh Kapoor, the film is based on the life of Acharya Rajneesh (Osho). Based on the life of modern India’s most controversial guru Osho, the film is directed by Ritesh S Kumar and produced by Velji Gala.

The film is inspired by important events in the life of Acharya Rajneesh (Osho). Major events from his childhood to youth are shown in the film. The film depicts his travels in India as well as all over the world. Acharya Rajneesh is a controversial mystic guru and a spiritual teacher throughout his life. He was a fierce critic of religious orthodoxy, due to which he quickly got involved in controversies and controversies and remained controversial till the last moment of his life. Rajneesh was opposed throughout his life by a large section of society as a promiscuous leader and sex guru for the wealthy who were strongly opposed to traditional religion. The journey from Rajneesh to Osho to the global Osho Foundation and differences with the government and significant events in his lifetime made him a global religious guru who defined love and philosophy of life in a new and different way.

Producer Velji Gala said that in ‘Secrets of Love’, viewers will get to see many such incidents in the life of the world’s biggest mystic Guru Rajneesh ji, about which very few people know. The film will be able to reach maximum audience through OTT.

Director Ritesh S Kumar says that making a film on Osho was very challenging, we knew from the beginning that many incidents of his life will be seen by the audience, which are not mentioned anywhere till now. This film is not just limited to his discourses and camps, this film will reveal his greatest philosophy knowledge and his own life.

Produced under the banner of Premal Kranti Films, The Secrets of Love is directed by Ritesh S Kumar, produced by Velji Gala and written by Vishal Chhadwa. The film has been shot at various locations in Gujarat, Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.



Secrets of Love is a low-budget movie made by an immature sannyasin, thought a certified meditation facilitator, to spread Osho’s vision through a movie. Perhaps he did not want to get in conflict with OIF, so he did not mention Osho in its title, but the movie is about Osho. The trailer of the movie is also very badly done. Some people think that to create news about Osho, something is better than nothing. I don’t agree with this kind of clumsy way to project Osho. Something like this is not better than nothing.
Chaitanya Keerti

Osho deserves a movie which aesthetically, spiritually and technically does justice to his message. I have seen clips of this film when it was shot… so mediocre, so clumsy, so badly written and performed, I was surprised. How could anyone who apparently loves Osho, do this injustice to Osho? The producer later called me for help but it was too late, he had already shot the film. I told him he should have contacted me at the writing stage. In fact, NIN Live did a whole programme on it.
Kamlesh Pandey

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