Street scenes in India

Art Gallery

Pencil drawings by Jalada.

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Street scenes (approx. 13 x 15 cm)

Thirty years ago or so, Indian city life – like that in Pune – was so much simpler. People just lived and worked in the streets! Such a colourful private life lived in public had been unknown to me before I went there, and touched me deeply.

Two years ago I fell in love with the art of drawing – and so started to convert my photographs into drawings. For example, the tailor at his sewing machine, his family around him. Adults and children, in various scenes. The adventurous ways of transportation and delivery by bicycle. The ubiquitous wonderful rickshaws. Fabric and souvenir shops. Houses of various heights built according to desire and need, each with its individual atmosphere, in contrast to the impersonal cars in the streets.

In my drawings I wanted to capture the amazing liveliness of improvisation.


Jalada studied Art Therapy at the University of Applied Sciences in Nürtingen, Germany. Solo and group exhibitions while working as an art therapist at a hospital.

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