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Press Release from Osho International Meditation Resort, dated March 20, 2023, published in Osho Times, Friday, March 24, 2023, under the title, Osho “Lovers” Hate Osho’s Guidance.

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Osho “Lovers” Hate Osho’s Guidance

Protesters at gate
Registration at gate (photo: Osho News)

For Immediate Release

Osho International Meditation Resort
March 20, 2023

We have been informed that people are being offered free food, accommodation, and transport to persuade them to attend a demonstration outside the OSHO International Meditation Resort on March 20 and 21st.

A few points about this protest

Firstly, the prime motivation is that this offers the leaders of this protest an opportunity to display their long-standing animosity against the management team. In the past, these same people have invented endless rationalizations to provoke a rent-a-crowd phenomenon.

The latest excuses only serve to highlight just how far from Osho these people will go to display that resentment.

Today’s list of rationalizations

1. Free access to Chang Tzu where Osho ashes are kept under the bed as per his request.

They know well Osho’s guidance on the following:

That the ashes be placed under his bed in his new bedroom and that people can come and meditate there.

That Osho is clear that all meditations are to be paid for and he specifically says in a public talk: “People don’t value when they don’t pay for anything. And meditation is the ultimate, so people have to pay for it.”

That his bedroom is kept immaculately as he would wish, and every day since that time so many people do exactly as he says, and “meditate there.”

See 1. Backgrounder on Osho on Paying for Meditation (PDF)

2. The date of this protest

March 21st has been chosen by these people because they want to make Osho’s day of enlightenment a “holy” day to encourage their followers to attend. They are fully aware that Osho has specifically dropped these “special” celebration days. Attached is a complete account of Osho dropping them.

See 2. Backgrounder on Osho Dropping the Celebration Days (PDF)

3. The Demand to wear malas

Again at least the leaders of this protest know very well that Osho had dropped the mala long before leaving the body, with the final proviso that “If you must wear your mala, then at home in meditation only.”

It is hilarious that the leaders of this protest themselves never wore a mala in front of Osho after he returns to Pune in 1987!

These protesters even attended the Evening Meeting Meditation and heard an announcement from Osho about not wearing the mala in public!

After 1987, for more than 30 years they never wore or never spoke in public about wearing a mala until last February 2022.

(You can confirm this from the videos in the attached pen drive.)

These protesters are even on video attending an announcement from Osho about the wearing of the mala!

See 3. Backgrounder on Osho Dropping the Mala (PDF)

4. The name of the campus!

The leaders of this protest are also aware that Osho has dropped the term “ashram” for this campus. One of the leaders worked on the OSHOTimes newspaper where this was announced on October 1st, 1989.

The reasons are obvious. Again, to create a sense of “religious” indignation amongst the uninformed crowd. They want to convey the absurdity that somehow the most revolutionary figure in recent history should be treated like a traditional “guru” – a concept he spent his whole life dismantling!

About such people and their attempts to create a religion, Osho has explained that this is the greatest risk to his work. And that one anchor of all religions is holy days.

Once you understand the minds of these people, it is easy to see this is really no more than yet another anti-Osho demonstration.

About Osho International Meditation Resort

Osho International Meditation Resort has the sole purpose of sharing Osho’s vision for living consciously.

The activities are run by public charitable trusts with an educational foundation.

The management team takes care of the campus and all the activities according to Osho’s specific guidelines.

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Attached Backgrounders

  1. Backgrounder on Osho on Paying for Meditation (PDF)
  2. Backgrounder on Osho Dropping the Celebration Days (PDF)
  3. Backgrounder on Osho Dropping the Mala (PDF)


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