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(10 April 1939 – 11 May 2023)

Kailash and Andrea
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Mahendra, who visited her recently, writes:

Ma Prem Kailash (aka Greta Eccard) was born in Germany in 1939. After taking sannyas in 1977, she transformed her home in the German countryside into a sannyas meditation center, called Wali. After a while she sold the center and moved to Pune.

After Osho left the ashram she moved to Greece. When news spread to the Ranch that she was quite wealthy, she was invited to join the commune, to which she donated a huge sum of money – and was then left almost penniless in 1985. She however, soon afterwards, managed to start a new existence in Munich for herself and her daughter Andrea (Bhava). Kailash visited Pune a few times, then remained in Munich for the rest of her life while working as a cleaner.

A few years ago she moved to a home for the elderly because of health problems. Her heart was very weak and doctors had told her that an operation would be futile. When I visited her in February in a palliative care hospice in Munich, I saw her for the last time; she could no longer move out of her bed. She was very happy about my visit and we talked for a long time. She told me that she was patiently expecting her last journey. Kailash left to the other shore on 11 May 2023.

Photos and text thanks to Mahendra, alert thanks to Upchara

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Kailash was such a kind heart and I will always remember her as a “mother” to all she met. Over the years I always have had a smile on my face when she came to mind, never a harsh word. I will miss her and am glad that I got to share part of my journey with her, as well as Bhava/Andrea! My heart goes out to her…

Flying high I wish you, Kailash!

Ma Anand eya/Katarina Layla Sky

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