Archive for In Osho’s Footsteps

In a Dancing Bubble

Meera participates in the Osho Golden Childhood Tour 2016, visiting the places where Osho grew up, studied and gave lectures as a professor.

Tracing the Glimpses

Leeladhar explores Osho’s early days in Madhya Pradesh.

Nisha, Osho’s youngest sister

Ageh Bharti shares vignettes about Nisha, Osho’s youngest sister.

I’m Here Because the River Is Here

Rashid exploring Madhya Pradesh on an inner journey.

The Satori Tree at Osho Moulshree

Bodhena visits Osho Moulshree near Bhopal

Visiting Osho’s Birth House in Kuchwada

Bhagawati continues her journey from Jabalpur to Bedhaghat and on to Kuchwada.

Visiting Mt. Abu

Visiting Mt. Abu to envision the camps Osho held there and to sit under the magnificent mango tree.