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Ojas sells and ships worldwide all sorts of percussion instruments, some even decorated by himself. A treasure trove!

Ojas and his stand
Ojas in front of his stand at the X'mas market

Ojas, who we might remember as a graphic designer in Multimedia or as a conga player in Buddha Hall, has opened a business in Bergisch Gladbach (Germany) selling percussion instruments. Combining his painting talents with the love for anything which makes beautiful sounds he created unique pieces like the painted maracas, okarinas, windchimes, didgeridoos, kalimbas and hand drums you can see exhibited in the christmas market stand. The guy in the orange jacket that’s him. He also teaches drums and didgeridoo. From my own experience I can say that his teaching skills (and his patience) are superb.

Shop (worldwide shipping): www.buddhasounds.de

More about Ojas: www.buddhasounds.de

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