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Review of Chinmaya’s awareness-raising event at the British Council in New Delhi earlier this year. Link to videos…

Green Ragas posterThe perfect blend of medium and message, Green Ragas is an appeal from the heart for awareness and care for this beautiful planet we inherited. This film of Chinmaya’s 2010 Delhi concert gives us catchy songs, unforgettable melodies and a digestible dose of ‘message’.

The music spans genres from all over the planet: Hindustani classical, Cretan folk, a touch of funk and his trademark ‘Indian/Celtic’ flavour. The musicians too hail from everywhere, India, Crete, Germany, UK….

The accompanying videos (projected onscreen behind the band at the gig) are full of touching images of nature, the people who depend on it and distressing footage of what is being done to them in the name of ‘development’. There are just enough facts – on climate change, loss of biodiversity, threats to global food supply – to give these images context.

I defy anyone who watches this film not to come away determined to do more to help save Earth (or not to be tapping their feet and swinging their dancing feet!).

Adi Kumar, author of ‘Earth & Humanity’

Chinmaya DunsterChinmaya Dunster has been involved in awareness-raising projects since the filming of his first multi-media event ‘Concert for India’s Environment’ in 2004. He often tours India together with musician friends to promote caring for our beautiful planet with the ‘Green Ragas’ events.

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