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Documentary film explores the unwritten cost of war and genocide on future generations. Bettina Goering speaks in Weimar.


An important documentary called ‘Bloodlines’ was produced in Australia and meanwhile shown widely not only there on TV, but also in Israel and last year in Ireland. It was also shown at several film festivals in the USA and Poland and Israel.

Called a moving meditation on guilt and reconciliation, this 52 minute documentary film explores the unwritten cost of war and genocide on future generations – of both victims and perpetrators. Bettina Göring, a grand niece of Hermann Göring, came to Australia to meet Ruth Rich, artist and the daughter of Holocaust survivors. In this documentary they endeavor reconciliation of their bloodlines.

Bettina has been Osho’s sannyasin for many years and also her brother and mother became sannyasins around the same time in Poona 1.

She presently lives in Arizona, U.S.A. and will participate as a speaker on August 21st in Weimar, Germany, at a conference called ‘Heile das Zerbrochene’ (English title ‘Repair the Future’). The event is called ‘A Gathering Across Generations’. She told me that presently there is also another documentary being made called ‘Hitler’s Children’ by Israeli director Chanoch Zeevi, showing interviews with various people including Bettina on their website.

Bettina is making a huge contribution to this healing process and I applaud her for her courage becoming a public speaker on this still very sensitive subject. “I looked into the darkest darkness and there is nothing left to fear. I finally released, it was the deepest kind of therapy you could do.”

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