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The world’s first magazine to celebrate life and death, published in London, July 2010

The world’s first magazine to celebrate life and death, London, July 2010

Eulogy cover
Eulogy cover

A new magazine and website have been launched in the UK to discuss the issues of death and dying, called ‘Eulogy’. According to their website, the magazine “provides advice, support, encouragement and a much needed laugh when you need it most. We have set out to challenge the convention that death, the process of grief and bereavement cannot be sensibly articulated or discussed as part of life. We have no religious remit, nor any social or political agenda. Eulogy is simply – ‘The world’s first magazine to celebrate life and death’.”

This is an incredible move! More than 1,200 people die on an average day in the UK. Many of them die scared, alone, miserable, hooked up on tubes in hospitals. It is a huge opportunity to raise consciousness about dying. Jim Thornton who launched Eulogy is a 47-year-old creative director of a communications company who was prompted into bringing Eulogy to life after suffering tragedy in his own family. He is quoted to have said, “The baby boomer generation lived how they wanted to live, and I suspect they will want to die how they want to die, although we will not advocate any particular form of dying.”

This subject has been a taboo for so long in our so-called modern society, and we as sannyasins are among the very few groups of people who have explored the myths and reality of death and dying. Surely this is a great opportunity for sannyasins in the UK to hook up with Jim and bring more insight and clarity to the issue and also to offer more workshops and groups on the subject.

“All fear death; hence do not kill. Rather, help people to know death. Their fear is because of ignorance. They are afraid of death because death is the greatest unknown. There is no way to know death unless you die. Help people to know death through meditation, because that is a way of dying and still remaining alive.”

Osho, The Dhammapadda: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 4, Chapter 7


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