Pramada (Mike Edwards)


Musician Pramada died in an accident in Devon on 6th Sep 2010

Pramada (Mike Edwards) has died in an accident in Devon today (6th Sep 2010). He took sannyas in the late seventies and lived in Osho communes in England (Devon, Newmarket and Medina Rajneesh in Suffolk). He also lived in the Hamburg commune and visited Rajneeshpuram. More recently he lived in Totnes and played with many groups and founded the organisation ‘Devon Baroque’. He also played his cello with Surahbhi and Adarsha in the original trio ‘Presence’ producing the CD ‘Sacred Earth’. He had a precious heart, was much loved and will be missed by many.

Before he came to Osho he was a member of the 1970s British rock group ELO (The Electric Light Orchestra) where he played an exploding cello wearing a funny hat, despite being a classically trained cellist.

In this rare interview series on YouTube he talks to Martin Kinch about his career in music, including his time with The Electric Light Orchestra. In part 5 he talks about connecting with Osho, going to Poona and his times in the Osho communes and in this video Pramada plays ‘Roll Over Beethoven’.

Obituaries are in the Guardian and BBC News Devon, Daily Mail.

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