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Leela reveals the beginning of the Mystic Rose Meditation

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In March of 1988 I was asked to give Osho a daily series of massage sessions, which went on for a couple of weeks. This is relevant a bit later.

I was at that time co-ordinating the group department in Poona 2 as we came to call it, which was expanding at breakneck speed. One morning I got a call in my office from Anando, (Osho’s secretary) who asked me to come to Lao Tzu gate as she had something for me.

When I arrived, she handed me a sheet of paper, which described the first two stages of what was to be called “The Mystic Rose Meditation.” Laughing for 7 days, 3 hours per day and then tears for 7 days, 3 hours per day. At the end of the full description was a note that: Leela would run this meditation.

I stood there like a stunned mullet not able to comprehend what this was. I looked at Anando and said, “What is this?” she replied saying it was a new meditation Osho had designed and that he wanted me to run it. And for my next dumb question came “why me?” She went on to explain that when they were running through the list of therapists, to see who might be best to run it, she suggested that she ask Leela (group department co-ordinator) who she thought was suitable. Osho then replied, “Leela, who gave me the massage – she can run this.”

So there it was. I walked back to the office, told everyone there what had happened and we all moved between laughter and disbelief at this new meditation Osho had created.

A few days later, during the evening discourse, Osho introduced The Mystic Rose Meditation and spoke about it at length. At one point during the discourse Osho said “I have chosen Leela, one of my therapist to create a new Meditative Therapy” – Suddenly I was one of his therapist?! A little further on he again said “Leela will be in charge of it…”* It seemed to me as if he was making sure that I got the message that I was to be responsible for the development and growth of this new meditation. I was by now so overwhelmed with gratitude as well as the fear of whether I was up to this.
* (see Yahoo The Mystic Rose – the chapter on laughter and tears)

Originally Osho created a two-week meditation but after the first two groups it became apparent that people needed a little meditation time to integrate the powerful changes that they had undergone during the laughter and tears. I wrote to Osho explaining my thoughts. It was at this time that the third week, ‘The Watcher on the Hills’ was added. As the groups were so full, we had no space for the usual Vipassana walk between the sittings, so I suggested some gentle dancing, pretty much on the spot to relieve any stiffness that may have built up from sitting. I also felt that this would keep the energy of the sittings lighter and less serious. Again Osho agreed but added the reminder that people were to hold the watcher while dancing and not get lost in the dance. This has worked beautifully.

Very soon I was running two Mystic Roses a day – one at 6am for workers and then the next at 10am for visitors. Sometimes they were in different stages. For instance, we would be crying in the early morning one and then one hour later I would have to be laughing. That really broke up my energy blocks and negative patterns and taught me about ‘let go’ on a level I had never reached before. A real ‘no-mind’ experience.

Shortly thereafter Osho asked that I create a Mystic Rose Training for people who could then facilitate the process in their home countries. I felt that I hardly had a handle on how to facilitate the process and now I had to create a training! I floundered around, talked to a few friends on how I could do this, but once again jumped in the deep end and it just seemed to come together.

In the beginning my facilitating consisted of me laughing and every now and then sitting up looking around the room to see how others were doing and then falling back into laughter again. Not much of a facilitator really. But slowly over time I grew in understanding of this amazing technique and I got better and clearer on how to support others through the process. What has also been so unique about this process for me is that I have always been a participant as well as a facilitator. It keeps you real and totally integrated in the process.

It is now 23 years and almost 90 Mystic Roses later that I look back on the whole amazing experience of my time in the Mystic Rose. In the beginning I had no idea how to facilitate this process and how to get people laughing and crying, but with each new experience I honed my skills and my insight into the brilliance of this method deepened. I feel immensely grateful to have shared so many delightful and touching experiences with thousands of participants worldwide. To watch not only myself but all these friends going through the most extraordinary transformation and healing.

How to explain how deeply laughter, tears and meditation can transform your life, is now my daily effort as I am writing a book about the healing and transformational effects of the Mystic Rose. I hope to have it out in mid 2011.

The Mystic Rose Meditation as well as the Born Again and No Mind Meditations all became part of The Meditative Therapies, which Osho gave us just before he left his body. I have created trainings for them all and have thoroughly enjoyed doing these other two just as much as Mystic Rose.

Osho Nisarga Centre, where once a year I now run the Mystic Rose (Group and Training), is a beautiful place at the foothills of the Himalayas and a perfect venue for the Mystic Rose.

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LeelaLeela (Director of The Osho Institute for Meditative Therapies) became a sannyasin in 1973. After giving Massage and Energy Healing sessions she gave trainings for over 20 years. She worked in the Press Office in Poona 1 and was the co-ordinator for the group department in Poona 2, until Osho requested her to create, facilitate and train people in his newly developed Meditative Therapies. She now facilitates the Mystic Rose Meditation and Training in Osho Nisarga Centre in March of every year.

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