FindYourNose celebrates its 3rd anniversary

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On October 15, 2007 Samarpan launched her online magazine on meditation in Germany

Samarpan had the brilliant idea to promote meditation to the German public and set up a website where she could regularly add articles about meditation.  On October 15, 2007 the online magazine FindYourNose was launched, first in German and then also in Meditation Seconds.

Between then and now her website has assumed such a bulk that you can get lost for hours in the many interesting articles and news items. Understandably she feels a bit embarrassed to have neglected the English version a bit, which, to my eyes, still looks like a valuable website about meditation.

When she knew how to do all that updating stuff, she started posting a daily meditation on Facebook and she now also has an account on Twitter. Then came the idea to create a calendar with short reminders for each month.

As a lady who loves challenges she is now venturing into new territory, that  of videos
(have a look of what she did for Ganga’s Satori & Clowning) and is going
to publish her first DVD on, guess what, meditation!

‘Meditation – a delight’ is the title of the DVD which contains 14 videos explaining what meditation is, why it makes sense to meditate and the importance of active meditations. She is also introducing silent meditations and special techniques like “Who am I?” and meditations we can do during our daily lives.

Fingers crossed it will be out for the anniversary!

Did I mention that the DVD is in German? Never mind, luckily there is an abundance of German speakers who are ‘on the path’.


FindYourNose – Online Magazin für Meditation – German:
FindYourNose – Online Magazine for Meditation – English: Meditation Seconds


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