Baul’s Tibetan Singing Bowls

Healing & Meditation

Tibetan singing bowls used for sound healing. They are for sale!

To me it was always intriguing when Osho spoke about the secret society of the Bauls, and their being eccentric, total rebels.  I met ‘our’ Baul (who lives in the Netherlands) during that time and we stayed friends ever since. He sends me marvelous links and adds articles to my research projects into Earth mysteries all the way to the galaxies!

Baul playing the singing bowls
Baul playing the singing bowls

Baul has been collecting antique Tibetan singing bowls for many years. He loves the sound of the bowls and has thousands of them – possibly one of the best collections in the world. He told me that he has begun to sell them because he wants to make sure “they have a place where they can do their work when I am gone.”

He uses the bowls for sound healing sessions and it appears that sound benefits even cancer patients; there has been research about the fact that cancer cells may disintegrate by a rising tone series. Baul explained, “I place 40 to 50 bowls around the patient and as they are being worked on, the sound continuously resonates in the cells deep inside the body, which consists of 70% water. On the physical level the patient also receives a body massage through the sounds, thus allowing relaxation. When the entire system is being penetrated and vibrated continuously, all kinds of blocks and tensions are shaken up and being thrown out of the system. A cancer patient told me she always hummed when she had pain. It was the G-tone, the same sound that twenty of the thirty scales around her had.”

For more about his work see this article in Dutch Connection Magazine. If you hit the ‘translate’ button you will get a good translation in English if your Dutch is not up to par!

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