Horoscope December 2010


Your Horoscope for December 2010 by Sitara

Sagittarius and Capricorn

Sun 9° Sagittarius – 10° Capricorn
Moon 7° Libra – 29° Scorpio
Merkury, retrograde 10th, direct 30th 30° – 20° Sagittarius
Venus 0° – 24° Scorpio
Mars 25° Sagittarius – 18° Capricorn
Jupiter 24° – 27° Pisces
Saturn 15° – 17° Libra
Uranus, retrograde;
direct 6th
27° Pisces
Neptun 26° – 27° Aquarius
Pluto 4° – 5° Capricorn
Chiron 26° – 28° Aquarius
North node 3° Capricorn
Full moon, 21st, 8.15h GMT 29° Gemini
New moon, 5th, 17.37h GMT 13° Sagittarius

Mood of the month

In the third grade of her retrograde loop, Venus challenges us to inquire into the ways we express our creativity – in the widest sense of the word: Whoever has found a way to make the world a more beautiful place, tends to find this deeply satisfying – whether he cooks, dabbles in handiwork, takes photos, writes, sings or just waters his flowers. Any creativity is basically an expression of love, and whoever has understood this, will feel as much gratified by the act of creating as those who are presented with these creations.

At the moment Uranus, Saturn, Pluto and Mars are somewhat at odds with each other and may therefore put us under considerable pressure in December. The energy is high, but requires to be made use of intelligently. That means first of all that we should keep moving and be ready for experiments, but also must remain acutely aware of what we are doing. Neptun and Chiron reduce the stress, for we will be lured by the silence and meditation of their energies, so that creativity sets in all by itself. All through the month the influence of Jupiter and Uranus increases, which inspires us for projects old and new, stimulates our search for truth and brings us in touch with people who share this joy.

Aries: Expect surprises in the first week, pleasant and unpleasant ones. Treat them the way you handle your thoughts and feelings when meditating: Let them just pass by without giving them too much attention. From the second week on, Mars in Capricorn will give you equanimity and depth. You will maintain your dynamism, in fact, throughout the whole month your energy will be contionuously rising. Just turn all sparkling fireworks into a cozy fire endowing you and others with strength and warmth.

Taurus: Observe the power of attraction and allow yourself to be drawn to the other, your opposite pole. At the heart of every conflict, no matter how problematic it may be, exists the potential of the most profound harmony. For only that which is complete can be harmonious. A full circle appears more harmonious to us than half a one. Likewise, opposites can create a unity only if perceived simultaneously. Only he who can welcome his opposite rather than refuse it as unfit understands what is really meant by the famous phrase ”to be one with the whole“.

Gemini: On the one hand this month it is all about developing more heart quality: show more tolerance towards the other. On the other hand, allow your insights to deepen. In the second half of January you will see the results of this development. In the second half of December you tend to have impulsive, irritating reactions. Never mind the details and facts, but be aware of contextual meaning and the higher perspective. When everything is generally consistant and moves into the right direction, there is no reason to get upset.

Cancer: The first week is ruled by a constant, moderate mood, which calms you and dampens your expectations. Then the energy increases as well as your expectations. That doesn’t need to be a problem, but towards the full moon be prepared for sudden upheavals. Then again, they may enable you to react flexibly, if not playfully. Around Christmas you tend to lift off, which can be very beautiful. But please remember that sooner or later you you will land on the matter-of-fact level again.

Leo: Roots and Wings is your December motto – with some emphasis on the Wings aspect appropriate to Christmas time. If you take care neither to overdo it nor to expect too much of life, then the magnetic forces of expansion as well as centering can tune into each other most harmoniously this month. In the last third, attention to your communication will be crucial. Experiment with different forms of exchange, try out all the varieties – from playful to philosophical to deeply intense.

Virgo: This is a month where your life’s wisdom can come to the fore and bears fruit. Enjoy meeting others as much as being on your own, as you are able to share and at the same time rest peacefully in yourself. Pay attention to everything that inspires you, for you are now most susceptible to everything spiritual. Read about the lives of highly developed souls, mystics and spiritual teachers, no matter of which tradition. They will ring a bell in your deepest being and sow seeds that will very soon produce beautiful blossoms.

Libra: Sharing with other people will afford you deep insights into your own interiority. Some things may astonish or even frighten you with their intensity. Let it be and you will see that even these are only phenomena that come and go. Let them come, let them go. Even if they want to come again, allow them in. They are part of the flow. However, as soon as you let yourself be dominated by your ideals you will feel blocked – for then you are trying to push the river into a direction that you find opportune.

Scorpio: Be truthful and straightforward when other people question you. You of all people know perfectly well, what to say, how, when and where, or not to say in order to bring about a specific result. This talent has been put into your cradle. Yet it can hinder a genuine meeting. Trust yourself, and you can be as you are without compromising yourself or having a particular aim in mind. Nobody has a flawless personality structure – but does that matter? You are not your personality, after all.

Sagittarius: During the first week, the slower energies support you. But then the speed picks up and you will be again more conscious of your wish for renewal. Be careful of what you are seeking. Maybe something is promising you happiness – yet, by now, you know that happiness is transitory. All states that one can create must pass. Look for that which will not pass; for when you find it, the search is over, even the search for happiness. And yet: Uranus and Jupiter predict that you will be lucky with this final search.

Capricorn: Right now you are in a particularly energetic phase, which will even increase towards the middle of the month. Your mind is unusually keen and needs to be handled with care. Not only do you want to keep others unharmed, but also your thought machine can help you enormously if switched on in the right context. It is like a sharp surgical instrument cutting you off from false ideas about yourself, god and the world. Trust your clear insight and do not let old habits lull you to sleep.

Aquarius: Actually, everything is going perfectly fine. Except that a tendency to egocentricity is giving you trouble this month – in early December in the way you act, and at the end of the month in the way you communicate. But Neptune and Chiron are helping you to always sink back into your heart. If you realize that you are getting stuck in an action or with a topic, then take a deep breath, look around you: consciously take in the others and the situation before making the next step or saying the next sentence. Relaxation is your key in any case.

Pisces: To know that you are slowly moving towards a highlight in January can sweeten your Advent season. But first of all you will have to scrutinize some of your desires. Wishes are natural and can only become a problem if you insist that they will be fulfilled. Although life is showering you with gifts every moment, you do not always get what you want. Accept the gifts you are presented with instead of yearning for something else. Unconditional acceptance requires humility.


Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. astro-sitara.de

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