Little Buddhas by Atit Maria

Art Gallery

Atit Maria shares with us pictures of her Little Buddhas and tells us the story of how she started making them


I am always happy to share my baby buddhas, the stone expressions of my inner joy. They come for sure from the world of Osho….

Since my childhood, whenever I could, I used to draw and paint – everywhere – but sculpture was something too masculine and beyond my imagination…

A few months after Osho left his body, while assisting in a long hypnosis training in Pune, my unconscious mind started to send me messages: almost every night I dreamt to look for marble stones and make sculptures out of them. So I made my dream a reality and since then my hands are creating laughing buddhas, joyful buddhas….

For me they are connected with Osho as the last discourses I heard him give were about Zen Masters: absurd, extravagant, essential beings with a sharp awareness which touches me deep inside.

All the statues you see here are not higher than 30 cm (1’) and are made out of a beautiful sandstone from Noto, a Baroque village in Sicily.

I would like to add that the process of sculpture is very easy, the technique is simple; you can learn it in few days. But it is more difficult to breathe life into the stone to make it become alive, to make it look back at you, breathing, dancing. How this works is a mystery….

Atit MariaAtit Maria took sannyas in 1980. We remember her from the time she worked in the Mala Shop with Asheesh, in the Saswad kitchen with Punya, in Lao Tzu garden with Mukta, and later in the Healing Arts assisting in the hypnosis trainings. At present she lives in Italy with her partner Dr. Azima, moving between Tuscany and Sicily where she sculpts and leads art courses integrated with hypnosis.

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