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Prabhuta remembers Sujata who left her body on Jan 3, 2011

Sujata left her body with a little smile on her face on Jan 3, 2011, around 9:30. A celebration was held at Osho Uta, in Cologne on Jan 8.

Sujata took sannyas during the late seventies in Pune and lived later in Laguna Beach, USA for many years. She was a fantastic craftswoman, such as knitting jumpers with amazing designs on them and printing her own designs on silk or on T-shirts, which she used to sell in the markets. She also made exquisite embroideries in small frames with very rich and magnetic colours and designs; everyone who saw them just wanted one – they appeared like precious ancient art.

Around 1985 in Laguna Beach, Sujata met Dheeraj and me and was introduced to pulsing. She then spent many years involved with the workshops and sessions in Pune until 1997.

After leaving Pune, Sujata lived in Bonn, Germany running workshops and sessions until about 5 years ago, when she reduced her workload as she became more and more involved in taking care of her elderly mother. This took a lot of her energy and time and Sujata travelled every month to Paris to make sure her mother was well and happy in the home Sujata had found for her, and also taking the opportunity to heal with her mother.

In October 2010, Sujata moved to Cologne to be closer to Osho Uta. She was very happy there for her last few months, feeling surrounded by loving friends who very much supported her to the end. She really used her last months to go within. We often laughed and joked about her leaving or making it, as there was a quality leading up to her passing that was inevitable or meant to be. During her last four days she did not let anyone into her room, except for Eva (who took care of her every need). She wanted to be alone, was relaxing and letting go. She then left with a little smile on her lips.

Many of us who were close to her could feel her heart energy very powerfully in my last workshop, whilst Sujata was, at this time, 5 days into the bardo, which had a profound effect on everyone. We held a ceremony for Sujata on the first day and felt she was a gift to us, to remember ourselves and what we are here for, and what truly matters. Also people who had never met her were deeply touched during the workshop. Diana, a blind girl and one of the participants, had a dream the following night, where Dheeraj was looking in her (Diana’s) eyes and Sujata was standing close by.

Those who knew and loved Sujata, came to appreciate her feisty personality, her courage and generosity. She was very expressive and also enjoyed running the theatre section of the Intensive (TP) for many years, in Osho Parimal Center, Germany, and Sochi, Russia. This was a great outlet for her qualities and she also became adept at working with the tarot for the theatre in the Intensive. She was a great teacher and was loved for her warm heart and sense of humour.

Beloved Sujata, bon voyage!

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Sweet Sujata, remembering beautiful moments in California and on the road we spent,your great spirit,your love and compassion,your beautiful smile,your great sense of humor and the beautiful sweaters you made. Thank your for beeing there and I know that your Bardo will be a nice one…

Farewell dear one.. I feel you are in a good space, life has been allowing the two of us to meet time ago in Cologne, the giggles are still echoing in my heart… what a great evening we spent!

Dear Sujata, your leaving was a surprise – I didn’t know you were poorly. I feel sadness and sorrow (had been looking forward to seeing you in the summer). Never mind. Now I can only thank you for the protection you offered me during the intensive – you know what I mean. And, even though we did not know each other well, I will keep watch during your Bardo (day 15). Love.

Hi Suji, shook colon today for the first time till you left us. Was hard. Missed your energy. Love you.

I´m happy to have had you as a supporting teacher in the tibetan pulsing. When I was praying for you, I suddenly felt very light and happy. A feeling of joy came about me… I had not expected this, but I think it was your joy and the particular humor which you saw in life and which you shared.
Thank you. With love.

Sujata, A little picture of you is on the wall in our kitchen and many times each day I catch your eye. With love,
Elizabeth xx

Sujata will be missed by many. I was also shocked when I heard she had left her body. I was looking forward to seeing her in the summer. It is like losing a member of my family. My pulsing family. She always had a smile on her face and I am glad she was at peace and smiling when she left. It truly does instill the purpose of our being here. Much love.

Dear Sujata, beloved teacher,

Through you, my life has changed
by teaching me to feel my heart
(and the pulse!)
by asking me, taking sannyas
by showing me the essential
by playing theatre

Your energy and love is there for ever.
om mani peme hung

I’ve just heard from Irene that Sujata left us. What to say my friend, but remembering with love your presence, your – sometimes mischevious! – smile, your intelligence. A warm hug via the timeless power of the pulse heartbeat from
Roman Nitya

I just saw the message you left your body…we lost track of eachother after i last saw you at your place in Bonn when i did a group there about ten years ago. We had such a sweet connection and i cherish this in my heart. I remember we where walking in the ashram when we passed the Multiversity Plaza: you took me in and showed me your name written in golden letters under the signboard of the Women’s Intensive which was about to start in Naropa. You looked so proud!… I always will remember you as a good friend! Thank you for the sweet moments, Suji. Love,

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