Rejoice by Yashu: A Tribute

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The music CD Rejoice is a tribute to flute player Yashu, who left her body in 2007.

Yashu’s flute music has a thrilling haunting quality, which seems to make its way into the body, filling spaces. Other times there seem to be waves of sound gently stroking skin and then again inspiring for the body to sway, to dance and celebrate, always celebrate. The clear flute sounds are simply supported by drums, more often by cymbals only, and here and there some spacey detours.

The first joyful flute tones of the bonus track ‘Rejoice Yashu’ evoke memories of the silent discourses in May 1981, a time when Osho prepared us to sit in silence without listening to his voice; prepared us to just be with the music and silence. It was the birth of what is now called satsang music and by now a legacy that was initiated by Chaitanya Hari, Yashu, Harida, Rupesh and several other friends.

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Here is the bonus track of the CD ‘Rejoice Yashu’, a Traditional Nepali tune, recorded in 1977. Slideshow with images of Yashu’s life made by Kavyo :

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Yashu has been playing for Osho in satsangs, White Robe evening meditations, and was the music co-ordinator in Pune for many years. She left her body in 2007. To celebrate this third anniversary, her daughter Kavyo and Harida, Kavyo’s father, produced this compilation in the GMS studio in Ibiza under their label Nazca Music, with contributions from Bansi, Riktam and Harida. The artwork is by Nartan, co-owner of Nazca Music.

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