Voyages — 12 January 2011

Our beloved old friend Pravaho left this world on 12th January 2011

His daughter writes on 18th May 2012: “I am Gaia Bidin, Pravaho’s daughter. I would like to contact all my dad’s friends. We had the idea of celebrating his life with a big party in August 2013 at the Lago d’Orta together with his friends from the “Centro D’Ompio” and his friends from all over the world. If anyone wants to contact me, send an email to: or find me on Facebook under my name: Gaia Bidin – Love. G”

Harida writes: “Our beloved old friend Pravaho left this world today… Have a safe Journey my friend always…”

Pravaho took sannyas in 1978. His name means ‘flowing river’. Friends say that he took life with easiness, even in his sickeness; that he lived totally and with the courage of a rebel. Celebration was his religion, his path experiencing life as Zorba the Buddha.

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Caro amico non ti ho conosciuto nel corpo ma ti riconosco nella Luce… un pensiero d’amore per accompagnarti nel dolce trapasso. Love.

Amor, with the wings open fly high, beloved. You were so quiet and relaxed in front of the sickeness. Life had been so generous to make our last meeting possible, in this body. You will always be very close to me – I know!
Prem Rupa

My dear friend and companion. Gratitude to have known you, fly high and far!~

You lived fast and you left fast , “au revoir” dear Speedino, have a safe last journey.
Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Caro amico, wonderful journey into the mystery that is waiting for us all… we met shortly, enough to keep you in my heart.

Dear friend, we are looking forward to the day when the whole family can get together for the celebration. With so much love to you,

Nice trip, Pravaho! It was a long time ago, but I remember the great storyteller you were. Love and light to your family,

Ciao Pravaho, ho saputo ora che hai lasciato il corpo. Un pensiero di luce al tuo spirito. Caro amico, ti ho conosciuto a Poona. Buon viaggio nella luce! Love,