Voyages — 12 January 2011

Melissa left her Body at 1:45 on 12th January 2011

Nadeen writes: “Melissa left her Body at 1:45 today.” When her breath changed he put on a Let Go Meditation from Osho and the moment Osho says ‘sammasati’ Melissa flew out of her body. “She chose a perfect moment. Let’s celebrate her life!”

Video by Mike who visited his sister, Melissa in Chiclana, Spain in October, 2010. “Melissa was feeling well and in addition to walks on the beach, we were able to make a two night roadtrip to Malaga for Miten, Deva, & Manose’s concert and to the charming white village of La Ronda. It was a week of laughter, hugs, and awareness of breathing and being present. Thank you Melissa and Nadeen.”

I. Dec. 25, 2009 (The Day I Heard You Fell at Lao Tzu Gate)

An awesome
Awe-full Light.

Fire, really. Fire like
burning to ash
the skin of my innocent, bystander
when I heard you fell, Butterfly.

Tears of mine
mix with the mist of
the Heavens
between here and Mumbai

that sound, that broken breath
is me, what?
Alone in my room
letting this rain fall all down my face.

Not out in front of the Sun

The Sun stuns my tears
into Light
and my heart dances
knowing you are
alive and always
always… alive

Smiling angel, Ma,
diva, senorita –

dancer in the corner
of swollen hearts.
Yes, I heard you fell, Butterfly.

Do you look, now,
from your eyes
upon a fleeting,
floating world

the way a butterfly
looks out at another sky
behind an Autumn window pane

upon freedom,
one way, or another?

But you, Farfalla,
is that your wing, bent
maybe broken?

May I lift you,
can I brush away
that Dark powder
that makes you stumble

Can I – from here? I will
you know.
So you can fly
in these Heavens
between here and Mumbai.

II. (And I heard of your surgery…)

Alone, walking in our Sun,
the same one
shining now into your room
at Lilavati

it’s lighting my road here
turning on
lost Island of Maui
and Eucalyptus groves.

An awesome
Awe-full Light.
Fire, really. Fire like
burning sand melting
me into Looking-glass
shining back where,
I can see you in

these Heavens
between here and Mumbai –

and I hold you now
in this Mystery Light

an endless embrace
You and I.

III. (And upon giving back your Fragrant Breath…)

…this poem, these lines
I’m trying to say… something. Anything.
Words with Wings… if could.
Ah well. Fly well, best friend.
There is a light you and I have known
Together – what was that? So bright it filled the room!

See you later, skater… ~!~
… now you know.

Melissa’s Haiku

Iridesce mystique dreamt.
Morning tears dew my pillow
Her name? Melissa



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Mando un grande abbraccio per la nostra cara Melissa e il suo espandersi nel tutto.

Melissa beloved, you are embraced by existence now as you have always been embraced by existence. The tears I have now are only for myself – not seeing you again. In love
‘your Nishi’

I was very sad on reading this news. I knew her a little bit from Pune 2. I can only say that she felt for me one of the beautiful soul who came to Osho. Fly high Melissa!

OK !
Good Bye Melissa …
Just visualizing you entering Lao Tzu …
Smiling …
Yes ! A Great Departure …
Celebrating You Humsafar …
Jaiprakash Bharti

How come, you left?
And have you??
All the love you planted into my heart will live on forever! The time we spent in Laguna Beach, in Poona, in Cologne… Beloved one, I thank you from the bottom of my heart… in disbelief and gratitude. You will be missed by me as well as loved forever…

Thank you Melissa for all meetings with you. You’re one of my inspirations ever since. I love you.

Beautiful Beloved Melissa,
You will always be in my heart and as you fly high to eternity your blessed being will be always remembered.