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Remembering past-lives under hypnosis aids healing in this life – Dr Brian Weiss’ theory commented by Osho. Article by Bhagawati.

It was an issue of the Miami Herald, if I recall correctly, that had been shown to Osho, with an article about Dr. Brian Weiss who had experimented with hypnosis to heal patients. To his utter surprise his patients began to speak about past live experiences under hypnosis; after recognizing that residues of psychological traumas from a past life could be the cause of a prevailing sickness in this life, he was able to help his patients understand the connection and thus heal their bodies.

This was a cutting edge approach for the medical profession and Dr. Weiss was understandably hesitant to disclose his findings at first. Not only was he taking on the entire medical profession but also all psychoanalysts and psychologists. However, as the evidence was so overwhelming he gathered courage and published his first book, ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’.

Osho spoke in two discourses at length on the subject and I was riveted. He also invited Dr. Weiss to come and be at the ashram. I remember we sent the discourse tapes to him but to my knowledge never received an answer.

“The concept of reincarnation, hitherto dismissed as being without scientific basis, is being increasingly used by psychiatrists to cure phobias and other mental illnesses –but they don’t say it publicly.

In his book, ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’, Brian Weiss said it took him four years to “garner the courage” to write about his experiences with patients regressing into past lives under hypnosis.

He said he had been afraid for his flourishing career in a conservative profession. But the response has astonished him. He has not been ridiculed.

Just wait a little more, Dr. Brian Weiss. You have not hit hard against the tradition; you are simply proposing a process of helping the psychologically sick. But the idea of reincarnation goes further. You will be again astonished – and ridiculed by your own people, because it puts their whole theology in the wrong.

Perhaps they have not understood it and its implications yet. Just wait a little. I am saying it on my own experience.”

Osho, Zen: The Mystery and the Poetry of the Beyond, Ch 2, Q 1

Just recently, I saw an interview during which Dr. Weiss speaks about his life and explains his findings about past lives and the impact on healing and understanding:

I have read every single book he has written so far and I found them all very stimulating; in particular the one called ‘Messages from the Masters’ where also the in-between stages and planes of incarnation are being explained by his patients under hypnosis.  I found passages in there that were absolutely mind blowing. And yes, there are still bits of it floating around!


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– Osho speaks on the findings of Dr. Brian Weiss using hypnosis

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