Fatima’s contribution this month: her Neo-Haikus

A door creaks on hinges of autumn,

Distances gaze grey.

Dewdrops restless on leaves.

Are you back home?

A road long as a wait

A winter that does not see.

My hands grope in the fog

Will I find myself?

Me, a weed in the backyard,

Swaying to whims of time.

Stuttering my way into the language of life.

A gaping afternoon.

Straight lines of a white wall

half-open window

A letter half stuck in the letter-box

A street awaiting footfalls

Autumn tramples the streets

Auburn, lilac, ochre, russet

Dry leaves of fall

Branches thinning to twigs

Piercing the pale, cobalt sky

A wind rising behind a red-bricked chimney

Do you dwell in colours?

I tread gently into the rustle of September

Afternoon is brittle

Cracks under my tread

I sail from grey to grey.

Autumn hums in my ears

Neo-Haikus by Fatima

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