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“Take sannyas,” Laxmi said

Fatima recalls her meetings with Laxmi who nudged her to take sannyas and later, to help write a book about her.

Story of a Free Woman

Prem Fatima, who launched her debut novel 'In Haleema’s Words', speaks to Sonia Kurup at Sakal Times about her book and her life experiences that inspired it.

In Haleema’s Words

Fatima's novel was launched in Mumbai on October 26, 2012.


Fatima's contribution this month: her Neo-Haikus

Kundalini Snake: Help!

The final meditation of the day experienced by newbie Fatima

Get ready for Nadabrahma!

Fatima's discovery of Osho's meditations continues with Nadabrahma, the sound of Brahma

Nataraj: Our Next Meditation

Fatima discovers the god Nataraj, the dancer Nijinsky and her own blissful dance

Get ready for Vipassana!

Fatima, with her startling humour, comments on our meditations. This month we start with ‘Vipassana’