Maneesha James

In this video Maneesha describes how her book – now available as e-book – came to be written. She also explains how different the perceptions of her book are from those of the Netflix docuseries ‘Wild, Wild Country,’ which covered many of the same events.

Surendra found some passages in Maneesha’s book from the eighties, ‘Osho: The Buddha for the Future’ that throw more light on the ‘edited and missing’ parts of discourses given by Osho in Lao Tzu House, Rajneeshpuram, to small groups of sannyasins in 1984/1985.

Beloved Osho, A few months ago my friend and I were visiting his dying father. Lots of people were around. His body was about finished. To most people he was indifferent but when everyone left he suddenly opened his eyes and told us, “I feel like I have two bodies: one body is sick and

Hits upon hits – to understand jealousy: “Whatever I am saying to one person, everybody has to look within himself to see whether that is applicable to him…”